Ep #50: Positive Self-Regard

Before I dive into the month of February where I’ll be talking all about love – both self-love and unconditional love for the world – today’s episode is all about positive self-regard. How many of you have unconditional acceptance and love for yourselves? Do you find yourself believing all the negative things the world tells…
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Ep #49: Being Okay with Being Wrong

As an admitted know-it-all throughout most of my life, I can recall many instances where I would insist on being right, and someone telling me I was wrong was one of the most hurtful and upsetting experiences. If you can relate, this episode is for you, my love, as I show you exactly why it…
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Ep #48: Your Why and Polyvagal Theory

What gets you up in the morning? What’s that driving force that propels you to take action every day, to live the intentional life of your dreams? That’s your why, my darlings. On the podcast today, I’m talking all about your why, and I’ll be touching on polyvagal theory as well, so you can nerd…
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Ep #47: Goals and New Year’s Resolutions

The second week of the new year is already upon us, and I’m sure many of you have set resolutions for yourselves with good intentions. While this practice is great for identifying the changes you want to make in your life, it can often act as another thing to beat yourself up about when you…
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Ep #46: My New Year’s Vision for You

From a tender age, we’ve received messages from society, our families, and the patriarchy that we are something other than magnificent human beings. And nobody can blame you for believing it. I know that, like me, so many of you have been molded by the expectations of those around you to seek validation externally, by…
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Ep #45: Why Wishing Is Not Enough

When you’re in an uncomfortable situation, how often do you find yourself wishing that things were different? I know I’ve done it, and if this sounds like you, I’ve got some truths for you that will change your life. Especially at this time of year, when we might be spending time with our family of…
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