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If you’re stuck in an emotional pattern and feel like you can’t get free, if you’re still feeling frustrated, scared or anxious, despite all the self-help books you’ve read...this is the podcast for you. The Feminist Wellness podcast offers practical tools and advice to reconnect with that spark of passion in your life, to identify the thought patterns that serve you, and to say a long-time coming goodbye to the ones that hold you back.

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Feminist Wellness with Victoria Albina | Codependent Friendships

Ep #110: Codependent Friendships

One of the most frequently asked questions I’ve been getting lately is this; can I be codependent or have codependent relationships other than romantic ones? The answer to that is very much yes, and we’re talking specifically about friendships today. Does it feel like your friend never gives as much as you do? Or do…
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Feminist Wellness with Victoria Albina | Somatics: Living From Your Neck Down

Ep #109: Somatics: Living From Your Neck Down

A narrative I hear often from the people I work with and a story that definitely resonates with me is that of feeling like we’re living in our brains, disconnected and out of touch with our bodies. When we’re living with codependent, perfectionist, and people-pleasing thinking, this chronic outward focus has us busy worrying about…
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Wanting a Goal vs. Wanting a Feeling

Ep #108: Wanting a Goal vs. Wanting a Feeling

We are well into the month of March, and if you’ve found that the goals you set as your New Year’s resolutions have fallen by the wayside, you are not alone. When we’re living with codependent, perfectionist, and people-pleasing habits, too often we’re not truly focused on our own internal motivations with goal setting, and…
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Thought Work 101

Ep #107: Thought Work 101

I’ve recently been getting a spike in messages from all of you asking for directions on where to go to learn all about the thought work protocol I talk about so often here on the podcast. It’s a topic that is weaved into every aspect of my work but to give you a go-to episode…
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Ep #106: Self-Sacrifice

Do you ever find yourself slipping into a martyr role? Is self-sacrifice a way of living for you, or do you maybe see this behavior in someone you love? This was my experience for such a long time, where being a fixer for everyone was a way for me to feel great and avoid looking…
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Buffering vs. Conscious Distraction

Ep #105: Buffering vs. Conscious Distraction

As humans who sometimes struggle to manage our emotions and voice them, and especially so for folks dealing with trauma, it’s no surprise that we use buffering as a way to make those uncomfortable feelings go away. However, we all know that buffering is never a long-term solution for managing our emotions, so is there…
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