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Empowering wellness advice with a lot of science and a lot of heart.

If you’re stuck in an emotional pattern and feel like you can’t get free, if you’re still feeling frustrated, scared or anxious, despite all the self-help books you’ve read...this is the podcast for you. The Feminist Wellness podcast offers practical tools and advice to reconnect with that spark of passion in your life, to identify the thought patterns that serve you, and to say a long-time coming goodbye to the ones that hold you back.

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Feminist Wellness with Victoria Albina | Disorganized Attachment

Ep #185: Disorganized Attachment

Over the past two weeks, we’ve been discussing attachment and how changeable our habits are in this area, and we’ve taken a deep dive into anxious and avoidant attachment, which sets us up wonderfully to discuss what many in the psychological wellness world call the most complex of the attachment habits: disorganized attachment. So many…
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Feminist Wellness | Avoidant Attachment

Ep #184: Avoidant Attachment

Last week, I shared a replay of an oldie but goodie episode all about attachment theory to give you a primer on all things attachment styles, because this week’s episode is inspired by a listener wanting to know more, specifically about avoidant and disorganized attachment styles. And you already know that I love it when…
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Feminist Wellness | Getting Anchored: Attachment Styles

Ep #183: Getting Anchored: Attachment Styles

This week, I’m sharing one of my all-time favorite episodes from the podcast all about attachment. This is the ultimate nerdy 101 on a theoretical framework that has been one of the most helpful for me and my clients in evaluating and understanding our habitual thinking, and we’re diving into the basics today so you…
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Feminist Wellness | Using Magic for Healing with Sarah Gottesdiener

Ep #182: Using Magic for Healing, Connection, and Making Heart-Centered Decisions with Sarah Gottesdiener

This week, I’m delighted to share a conversation I had with Sarah Gottesdiener of the Moonbeaming podcast: a show for the modern witch and magical critical thinker. We had a conversation over on her podcast about all things nervous system healing, codependency, and the patriarchy, and we’re continuing our discussion here. Sarah is a phenomenal…
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Feminist Wellness with Victoria Albina | How to Shift Your Experience of Resistance

Ep #181: How to Shift Your Experience of Resistance (Part 2)

Last week, we talked in depth about the popular and problematic use of the term resistance, often in the spiritual and wellness world, as a way to blame and often shame folks when our nervous system says, “That sounds terrible…” while our brains say, “Sure, okay, I’ll do that…” So, this week, we’re getting into…
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Feminist Wellness | Understanding the Energy of Resistance (Part 1)

Ep #180: Understanding the Energy of Resistance (Part 1)

I love bringing you discussions from inside Anchored, and recently, we’ve been talking about a term that has become quite the buzzword these days: resistance. Folks in our community bring this up often when we’re working with our inner children or doing somatic practices, and the truth is we need to rethink our relationship with…
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