The Nervous System & Your Health and Wellness

Ep #61: The Nervous System & Your Health and Wellness

Something I bring up often on the podcast is that it is vital to understand your nervous system so that you can have awareness and name what’s going on for you. Without knowing what is going on, you can’t actively support yourself and it’s much more challenging to know what the next right thing to…
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Antidotes to Control

Ep #60: Antidotes to Control

Last week, we dove into the concept of control and why we, as humans, have the desire to control what is ultimately uncontrollable. On the podcast today, I’m offering some antidotes and remedies to help you move through that desire to control, to help you feel better by attending to what you can control: you.…
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Understanding Your Desire to Control

Ep #59: Understanding Your Desire to Control

This week, we’re talking about control, the cousin of uncertain thinking, which we discussed in the last episode. I’m not here to tell you that your negative thoughts aren’t valid, but being able to take a challenging situation and pause to look at your individual thoughts is going to stop you from turning it into…
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Ep #58: Uncertainty

We’re living in uncertain times in the midst of a pandemic, but the truth, my loves, is that life has been and always will be uncertain. We all have moments where we freak out, panic, and spin out in our thoughts, and it’s completely normal. What I want to offer to you today is that…
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Perfectionism: Keeping Your Enemy Close

Ep #57: Perfectionism: Keeping Your Enemy Close

On last week’s show, I dove into how perfectionism can show up in our lives, how it holds us back, and where it may have come from. If you haven’t checked it out, I highly encourage you to go back and listen, because today, I’m offering some simple steps on how you can start to…
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covid 19 stress response regulation.png

Bonus Podcast Episode 2: COVID-19/Corona – Anxiety, Stress & Thought Work for Healing

My beautiful perfect love. This is a time of global freak out. The air is full with panic, worry, stress, anxiety… but that doesn’t mean you need to be. You have the skills and resources within you to calm and soothe your perfect mind, body and spirit. I’ve made two special bonus episodes of the…
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