Ep #70: When You Stop People Pleasing and People Aren’t Pleased

We’ve been diving into the topic of people pleasing over the last few weeks and I’m continuing on today because it’s an insidious thought habit that is necessary to understand in order to address ingrained behaviors we may want to change. People-pleasing thought habits can play a big role in the perpetuation of racism, misogyny,…
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The Power of Thought Work in Becoming an Anti-Racist Ally and Accomplice

Ep #69: The Power of Thought Work in Becoming an Anti-Racist Ally and Accomplice

As a healthcare provider and life coach, it is incumbent upon me to use this platform to speak to my own privilege and to be a voice for what is happening right now. Today, I am putting out a call to action for all white and white-passing folks to learn about our own privilege, and…
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How to Interrupt the People-Pleasing Cycle

Ep #68: How to Interrupt the People-Pleasing Cycle

Last week, we talked about why we people please and all the possible root causes of this thought habit. We identified how your genius inner child learned this as a survival mechanism, and how this habit leaves you overwhelmed, exhausted, and displeased. So today, I’m diving into the remedies for people pleasing and what you…
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Why We People Please

Ep #67: Why We People Please

Welcome to the first episode of a two-part mini-series on people-pleasing. There’s a lot to dive into here and I want to make sure you’re able to take in all this information, bring awareness and acceptance, and then take actionable steps to remedy this habit if it’s something you’ve noticed in yourself. When codependent and…
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Compare and Despair

Ep #66: Compare and Despair

Most of us are at home right now with a lot of time on our hands. You’re most likely buffering in a few ways, but one that’s common is using things like social media, scrolling Instagram, and seeing that other people seem to be doing so much and being so productive. Your heart might sink…
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Ep #65: Self-Confidence

It’s pretty common for most people to think that self-confidence is either something someone is born with or repeatedly taught in their childhood or something that comes with achieving external success. My love, no one is just born with self-confidence. It’s something that everyone can have, and my goal today is to show you how…
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