Compare and Despair

Ep #66: Compare and Despair

Most of us are at home right now with a lot of time on our hands. You’re most likely buffering in a few ways, but one that’s common is using things like social media, scrolling Instagram, and seeing that other people seem to be doing so much and being so productive. Your heart might sink…
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Ep #65: Self-Confidence

It’s pretty common for most people to think that self-confidence is either something someone is born with or repeatedly taught in their childhood or something that comes with achieving external success. My love, no one is just born with self-confidence. It’s something that everyone can have, and my goal today is to show you how…
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Letting Go of Resentment

Ep #64: Letting Go of Resentment

If you’re like most humans who are moving through life with codependent or perfectionist thought habits, you’re most likely no stranger to resentment. Whether it comes up for you when your partner keeps forgetting to take out the trash, or when a parent says something that upsets you, choosing resentment and holding onto it is…
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How to Make the Right Decision

Ep #63: How to Make the Right Decision

Something I hear a lot from my clients is this struggle to make decisions, that there’s this air of nervousness around worrying about making the right decision, or even small ones in their day-to-day lives. If you resonate with this and find yourself often avoiding decision-making, this episode is for you. Codependency and perfectionism both…
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Ep #62: Glimmers

Your world right now might be full of triggers as you’re quarantining at home with other people or by yourself. If you’re experiencing challenging thoughts or relationship patterns right now, this can feel like it’s negatively impacting your emotional and physical wellness, and so today, I’m sharing a concept that will act as an antidote…
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COVID Corona bonus feminist wellness podcast episode 3

Bonus Podcast Episode 3: COVID-19/Corona – Feeling All Your Feelings – Equal Air Time

As this pandemic quarantine stretches out into a second month, you may be struggling to find your footing. To find the balance between “doing” and “being.” Between being “lazy” and “productive.” In this episode I offer a remedy: giving it all Equal Air Time in your mind. Holding the fact that yes, sometimes you are…
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