One Year of the Feminist Wellness Podcast!

HELLO HELLO MY LOVE! I’m thrilled to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of  the Feminist Wellness podcast! It’s been such an exciting year and I’ve been so honored to be able to share the show with you every week. And because I love you sooooo much, I have a special treat for 4 lucky listeners….…
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Intergenerational Codependency

Ep #55: Intergenerational Codependency

I’m so excited to spend another week with you talking about a topic I’m so passionate about. Codependent habits and behaviors were such a big part of my life for so long, and so many of the folks I coach are also working on healing their own patterns, so I know this will be helpful…
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Ep #54: 6 Surprising Codependent Habits

This week, I’m bringing back a topic that I’ve talked about before on the show: codependency. This is one of my absolute favorite subjects to talk about and I find it so fascinating, especially having had these tendencies myself and having done the work – and, let’s be real, still doing it occasionally because I’m…
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Ep #53: The Secret Sauce to Healthy Relationships

As we continue discussing the topic of love here on the podcast this week, we’re diving into the world of healthy relationships. You might have an idea of what that constitutes, depending on what you’ve learned in childhood and into early adulthood, or what was modeled for you. But what I’ve learned about what makes…
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Ep #52: Unconditional Love

Unconditional love can be a tricky feeling state to harness at first, especially when you think that someone has caused you hurt in the past. Or if you’ve lived your life expecting the world to do you wrong. Though it can be hard to imagine now, this is how I used to go about my…
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Ep #51: Self-Compassion, Dead-End Thinking and the Emotional U-Turn

We’re diving into our topic for the month of February, which is going to be all around self-love and unconditional love for the world. To start off, today, we’re turning our attention towards self-compassion. I know it took me years, if not decades, to truly understand what it meant to have compassion for myself and…
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