Minimum Baseline Thinking

Ep #78: Minimum Baseline Thinking

If you live with perfectionist thought fantasies of doing all the things, achieving each and every goal you have on your list while feeling amazing the whole time, my sweet love, you probably already know this doesn’t work. Today, I’m calling BS on this thought pattern, and I’m giving you the remedy so you can…
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Self-Care: Have Your Dinner Before Dessert

Ep #77: Self-Care: Have Your Dinner Before Dessert

For many of us who are caught up in codependent relationships or codependent ways of thinking, self-care can be challenging, or very much an afterthought. We need to start creating a healthier path towards caring for and valuing ourselves, and so today, I’m providing you with a new framework to start thinking about this concept…
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Acceptance and Closure

Ep #76: Acceptance and Closure

Welcome to the final installment of my mini-series on apologizing. Over the last few weeks, we’ve taken a really deep dive into the anatomy of apologies and mastering the language of apologies, and today, I’ll be sharing what to do if someone won’t accept your apology, how to accept an apology yourself, and how to…
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Mastering the Language of Apologies

Ep #75: Mastering the Language of Apologies

When we live with the thought habits of codependency, perfectionism, and people-pleasing, it can be really challenging to own up and apologize when an apology is due. Our inner children are so desperately trying to protect and defend us that it keeps us from seeing the harm we’ve done to others, and the harm we’re…
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The Dangers of False Pre-Apologies

Ep #74: The Dangers of False Pre-Apologies

How many situations have you found yourself apologizing for simply stating a need or want? Do you over-justify those needs and wants, or even apologize for things that don’t need an apology? My sweet beauty, this is what we’re discussing today because this is something I sure did and so many of my clients do…
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6 Steps to a Healthy and Meaningful Apology

Ep #73: 6 Steps to a Healthy and Meaningful Apology

My beauties, welcome to part two of our mini-series all about apologies. This is such a vital topic to discuss at length, especially if you experience codependent, perfectionist, or people-pleasing tendencies, to start the process of living a truly intentional and peaceful life. We kicked off last week with why we apologize and the anatomy…
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