I can not say enough how much I appreciate Victoria. She is a caring health practitioner. She has a unique skill set being an Integrative Nurse Practitioner and Life Coach, and her knowledge and innovation around nutrition make for a winning combination. It really helped me to have multiple things working together. She sees me as a whole person. Victoria made my health issues visible and my health solutions attainable. She is with you step by step on the journey. I recommend her to my friends and family with ease.

Toshi Reagon

Artist, Musician
New York, NY
As an integrative physician, I can attest to Victoria’s complete commitment and dedication to her patient’s wellness, as well as her knowledge and expertise in Functional Medicine and herbalism. Victoria adeptly addresses the emotional and psychological factors that may be causing or contributing to illness, while also being a superlative diagnostician with a deep understanding of advanced functional testing. She is truly more dedicated to her patients than any provider I have ever known - no exaggeration. I am inspired by her commitment and how deeply Victoria works to guide her patients to deep and lasting wellness.

Allison Fox, MD

Functional Medicine Doctor
Brooklyn, NY
Victoria is this refreshing combination of a holistic healer and medical professional wrapped up in a cloak of ancient female wisdom and modern herbal/food science. She listens attentively and doesn't mince words with her feedback and recommendations. You get more out of one hour of coaching with her than many visits to a traditional therapist or doctor.

Parisa Parnian

Fashion Designer
Los Angeles, CA
Victoria is the ONLY healthcare professional I have ever found who is willing to step outside, get creative, and look at the whole picture. She's solved some mighty mysteries for me by considering possibilities no one else would. I trust her with my health.

Kat Kinsman

Writer & Editor
Brooklyn, NY
Victoria changed my life. I came in for a cough, and left with a deep connection with someone who would help me through a difficult time in my life. Victoria opened my eyes to all the natural ways to help my husband and I conceive. She recommended diet changes, supplements, comprehensive tests and treatments, and acupuncture, which opened my eyes to a world of medicine I hadn't considered before. She truly cares about me, and was passionate about getting me "knocked up." After several months of hard work and lifestyle changes, I conceived by baby boy naturally. My pregnancy was healthy and complication free, and I know a huge part of that is because of the preparation I learned from Victoria. He was born on Christmas Eve, and he is truly the greatest gift of all! Thank you, Victoria!

Amy Wang

Washington, DC

Victoria Albina has literally changed my life. I saw dozens of doctors who attributed my weakness, body aches, fatigue, and dysmenorrhea to "depression" or a basic cold virus. After years of “normal” blood work results, surgery, ultrasounds, and biopsies, I was lucky enough to meet Victoria, who diagnosed my MTHFR and GI concerns.

Within days of beginning to take the correct vitamins and supplements, I began to actually feel better for the first time in years. Years later, I am grateful to continue healing, working with Vic as a partner in health.

Melissa Gellert

Holistic Chef
Manhattan, NY

Victoria Albina not only changed my life but also saved my life. Victoria has to be one of the most intelligent people I have ever met, and I've met hundreds of healthcare professionals in my work and life.

Victoria treats you like a real person, giving you true direction. She says what she knows and what she means - she is direct and I appreciate it deeply. She is the perfect mix of a healer, healthcare professional, and ancient medical guru. We talk about yoga, herbs, probiotics, diet, emotions, western medicines, and more. I am very grateful for meeting such an amazing person and love working with her.

JD Sharpe

Atlanta // Paris // NYC

Victoria is a godsend. Victoria is a rare blend of western and holistic medicine, with top notch life coach skills. She listens and asks detailed questions. She's not rushing you out of the office or looking at you as a set of symptoms. She sees the whole person and wants to get to the root cause of what's wrong for you. I've sent so many people to her over the years, and everyone walks away happy.

In short she's a gem. I just wish there were more practitioners and life coaches like her!

Rachel Hart

Life Coach
San Francisco, CA

I am so excited to be working with Victoria Albina. Her methodology is life changing. I feel really supported in this process. She brings a breadth of expertise to the table with zero judgement.

I really appreciate her bedside manner. She takes the time to get to know you, your entire expansive medical history and explain every step of the process. She really explores all the symptoms and works exceptionally hard to find the root cause and guide you on your journey to a fully nourished, healthy life without judgement. Highly recommended.

Sarah Jenny

Brooklyn, NY
I've been working with Victoria Albina for over three years and have seen a complete transformation in my health: body, mind, spirit. I’m so grateful to have Victoria in my life. Victoria's knowledge of medicine, Western and alternative, is impressive. She helped me control a serious and painful medical condition, avoiding surgery and pharmaceuticals. And my energy, mood, and level of fitness are at an all-time high. Her approach works because she listens without judgement, helps you set goals and develop totally do-able, incremental steps to achieve them. Her kindness, humor, commitment, and support have helped get me "unstuck" and improve my life in ways that I didn't think were possible. If you are looking for help to make change in your life, I can't recommend Victoria highly enough. Vic is  the perfect combination of wise, nerdy, irreverent, relentlessly optimistic, challenging and supportive. And her humor and politics seal the deal for me.

Jules Netherland, PhD

Drug Policy Alliance
Manhattan, NY
I wanted to let you know in all my years of struggling with bulimia, depression and my ulcer, meeting you has touched me and inspired me to have hope again in the medical realm. I cannot stress enough how the time I've met with you has changed my health and my mind. The way you combine medicine and coaching is amazing. You are truly a gift to the universe and it is only through practitioners like you that there is hope for more people to become educated about food as medicine and holistic approaches to medicine.

Thank you Victoria!

Tammy Chow

Los Angeles, CA
My tummy was a mess and I was exhausted all the time with chronic fatigue when I met Vic. She gave me hope beyond what I thought was possible: that in a year's time I'd feel the world's possibilities again. A month under her guidance and I stopped needing a 2 hour afternoon sleep. A year later I'm strong enough to move out on my own again, and it fills me with joy. I still have to work hard to keep healing, but I've achieved more than I thought possible under her loving and expert care. Whether I need help with grief, gender troubles, anxiety, thoughts/feelings, diet, herbal medicine, nutrition, or establishing and maintaining routine, she's always there and has been such a help. Thank you Vic, you're a treasure of this world.

Leo Marsh

Arts Student
I'm so happy to have found Victoria Albina! It's a breath of fresh air to find a medical provider that isn't interested in providing pharmaceuticals without asking all of the questions first, and trying less invasive treatments, including lifestyle, counseling and botanicals that can truly heal! She takes the time to understand me and all of the various aspects that could be adding to my issue and helps make a plan that I'm comfortable with. Beyond the medical care, the life coaching she does as part of every visit is transformative. I truly appreciate her unique and holistic style. I'll definitely keep coming back to see her.

Vanessa Jade

Graduate Student
Washington, DC
Working with Victoria radically transformed my relationship to myself and nutrition, and helped me build lifelong practices of self-care. She is so much more than a life coach, a nutritionist, or a doctor - she is a true healer. Victoria helped me connect the many parts of my life, and my body, that I was struggling with, healing my gut, anxiety and so much more. The loving wisdom and practical strategies she shared with me as my guide continue to empower me to this day - from teaching me to make deeply nourishing bone broth, to supporting me through the incredibly challenging GAPS diet, to reminding me not to compare my insides to other people’s outsides, and so much more. I quote her often, and continue to feel grateful for the influence she’s had on my life.

EB Landesberg, MFA

Documentary Filmmaker, Professor
Durham, NC
I've been working with Victoria for several years for holistic medical care, nutrition and life coaching. Her expertise and compassion go a long way! Her guidance has been really helpful through transitions in my life (jobs, moving, relationships). I can't recommend her enough.

Rebecca Garcia

Tech Genius
Brooklyn, NY

I came to Victoria in relative shambles.  I had several health issues that were affecting my home and work life. Victoria has gotten me on the road to recovery with her medical advice and her caring check ins. She is a real pro and I would recommend her to anyone.

Jason Charles Walker

New York, NY
Gaining and maintaining health requires a holistic perspective. It is so wonderful to have a health advocate like Victoria whose knowledge and skills cover all the bases - from life coaching and counseling to integrative medical diagnostics and therapies, to conventional wisdom founded in science. Victoria is all you need, and as a licensed acupuncturist, I send so many of my patients her way for excellent care.

Jenn Gibbons

New York, NY
Victoria has done wonders for my Hashimotos, brain fog, gut and lady stuff. Victoria provides expert, caring guidance, love and hilarity. Whatever your concern, Victoria is on the cutting edge of wellness with access to the knowledge, counseling, supplements & prescriptions that will take you to full health. If you are going to tons of doctors to feel ‘better’, know that Victoria will get you to ‘best'. She’s that good. Victoria, I may miss shoveling certain foods in my mouth, but the freedom in my mind and body that your work has given me, with all of the labs to prove it, makes me forever grateful!

Cynthia Spence

Graphic Designer
Brooklyn, NY
Coaching with Vic is a JOY! She's brilliant, intuitive, supportive, and approaches her work with welcome humor. Her work has helped me learn not just what foods work for me and which ones don't but also what habits in all arenas of my life serve me. I also love working with Vic because the human in her acknowledges the human in me--expectations are always reasonable, she meets my struggle with tenderness, and she deeply listens and takes all body weirdness seriously.

Kaitlin Malick

Herbalist, Nursing Student
Nashville, TN
Victoria is a compassionate, wise, and fun resource for many aspects of health and wellness. I participated in one of her seasonal cleanses and did life coaching with her, and learned so much from the experience. I felt so held by all the little details she pays attention to, from daily journaling prompts, to the materials which guide you through all of the food and self-care rituals, and the fantastically supportive community created through the private facebook group. I also participated in a one-on-one coaching sessions with Victoria, and she made several very useful suggestions for me. If you are looking for someone to help you incorporate more awareness and self-knowledge into your approach to life, career, relationships, food and self-care, I cannot recommend Vic highly enough!

Emily Landry

Birth Doula
Tulsa, OK