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Do your digestive issues, anxiety, low energy, and thyroid issues get in the way of living your best life? Stuck in old patterns, thoughts, habits? Ready to take control and step into your full power?


Victoria Albina

Victoria Albina is a UCSF-trained Family Nurse Practitioner, Herbalist, Life Coach. She has a Masters degree in Public Health from Boston University School of Public Health and a BA in Latin American Studies from Oberlin College. She has been working in health & wellness for over 20 years and has a passion for helping women to heal mind, body and spirit. 

I work with motivated women who are ready to make lasting change: now.


What sets Victoria apart from the rest is her genuine concern and respect for those she treats. I can’t express how grateful I am for her warmth, patience and understanding.

Functional Medicine Physician
Roslyn, NY

Toshi Reagon photographed at her home in Brooklyn, NY on January 13, 2011.Photo Credit: Erica Beckman

Victoria's knowledge and innovation around nutrition, western medicine and holistic medicine make for a winning combination. She made my health issues visible and my health solutions attainable: I recommend her to my friends and family with ease.

Artist, Musician
New York, NY


Victoria is this refreshing combination of a holistic healer and medical professional. You get more out of one hour of coaching with her than many visits to a traditional therapist or doctor.

Fashion Designer
Los Angeles, CA


Victoria is a godsend: she is a rare blend of western and holistic medicine, with top notch life coach skills. She sees the whole person and wants to get to the root cause of what’s wrong for you. I’ve sent so many people to her over the years, and everyone walks away happy.

Life Coach
San Francisco, CA


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The Feminist Wellness podcast offers practical, empowering holistic medicine and life coaching advice for smart women who believe they can live powerful, fulfilling lives with optimized health.

If traditional medicine or therapy haven’t given you the answers you need for your physical and mental health, if you’re stuck in an emotional pattern and feel like you can’t get free, if you’re still feeling frustrated, scared or anxious, despite all the self-help books you’ve read... this is the podcast for you.

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Coming soon: Feminist Wellness podcast!

Sooo excited to be launching this in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for fresh episodes of my latest brainchild… can’t wait to start the conversation.

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Coming soon: Feminist Wellness podcast!

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