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Victoria is not just an expert life coach, breathwork guide and functional medicine practitioner. She has the expansive knowledge base and clinical experience to handle the most complex of cases, be it mental or physical health. 

What sets her apart from the rest is her genuine concern and respect for her clients and their autonomy.

I can’t express how grateful I am for her warmth, patience and understanding in her coaching. I send all my patients to her for coaching, without question. Thank you Victoria!

Anita Sadaty, MD

Functional Medicine Physician
Roslyn, NY

I can not say enough how much I appreciate Victoria. She is a caring life coach. She sees me as a whole person. Victoria made my issues visible and my solutions attainable. She is with you step by step on the journey. I recommend her to my friends and family with ease.

Toshi Reagon

Artist, Musician
New York, NY

Toshi Reagon photographed at her home in Brooklyn, NY on January 13, 2011.

Photo Credit: Erica Beckman

Victoria is this refreshing combination of a life coach and holistic healer up in a cloak of ancient female wisdom, psychology and modern science. She listens attentively and doesn’t mince words with her feedback and recommendations. You get more out of one hour of coaching with her than many visits to a traditional therapist.

Parisa Parnian

Fashion Designer
Los Angeles, CA

Victoria held me accountable and guided me through a process to stop negative thought cycles, codependency, and perfectionism, that were holding me back and preventing my progress.

I was able to build and launch my own website while coaching with Victoria, which I had previously been unable to envision and complete. She gave me the tools to self-motivate and get in touch with my thoughts and feelings to create the results I wanted in my life.

S. L.

Los Angeles, CA

Sara Levinskas Photo 2

As an integrative physician, I can attest to Victoria’s complete commitment and dedication to her client’s wellness, as well as her knowledge and expertise in thoughtful Life Coaching.

Victoria adeptly addresses the emotional and psychological factors that may be causing or contributing to a lack of true wellness.

She is truly more dedicated to her clients than any provider or coach I have ever known – no exaggeration. I am inspired by her commitment and how deeply Victoria works to guide her clients to deep and lasting wellness through improved mental health.

Allison Fox, MD

Functional Medicine Doctor
Brooklyn, NY

Victoria is the ONLY professional I have ever found who is willing to step outside, get creative, and look at the whole picture. She’s solved some mighty mysteries for me by considering possibilities no one else would and coaching me towards wholeness. I trust her with my wellness.

Kat Kinsman

Writer, Editor
Brooklyn, NY


Victoria is one of the most openhearted, intelligent, caring, compassionate and hard working coaches I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Victoria’s open, loving heart makes every client she works with feel loved and cared for.

As a life coach, she has turned my patients’ lives around, helping them to reframe and reimagine their thinking and the stories they tell about their lives. It’s impressive, to say the least, to see the impact her coaching has on their health.

As a physician and midwife with two decades of experience, I am honored to have the opportunity to work with and recommend Victoria. I refer all my patients to her for life coaching - she’s just phenomenal!

Dr. April Blake, ND, LM

Naturopathic Physician, Midwife
Berkeley, CA

I’ve been coaching with Victoria Albina for over four years and have seen a complete transformation in my health: body, mind, spirit. I’m so grateful to have Victoria in my life.

Her coaching approach works because she listens without judgment, helps you set goals, and develop totally do-able, incremental steps to achieve them. Her kindness, humor, commitment, and support have helped get me “unstuck” and improve my life in ways that I didn’t think were possible.

If you are looking for help to make a change in your life, I can’t recommend Victoria highly enough. Vic is the perfect combination of wise, nerdy, irreverent, relentlessly optimistic, challenging, and supportive. And her humor and politics seal the deal for me.

Jules Netherland, PhD

Drug Policy Alliance
Manhattan, NY

YouTube video
YouTube video
YouTube video

What can I say about Victoria? She has been a literal Godsend for me. No matter what is bothering me, she has an answer, and it WORKS. She’s coached me through so much and is kind, caring, compassionate, and extremely knowledgeable.

She's not just your average coach - her experienced and holistic perspective to wellbeing is a breath of fresh air. I truly enjoy speaking to her every week. I honestly look forward to those days of the week more than any other.

 If you’re on the fence, please don’t hesitate! She is the best.

Emma Criswell

Marketing Expert
Columbus, Ohio

Victoria creates a safe sacred space to experience the healing of your very own breath. Her style is intuitive, response, and deeply connected. I felt the healing work on my communication and self confidence. Both issues I have struggled with.

I highly recommend life coaching and Breathwork Meditation with her!

Ayesha Ophelia

Coach, Guide The Girlfriend Manifesto

Ayesha Ophelia
Sara Weinreb

My first breathwork experience with Victoria was as eye-opening as it was heart-opening! She guided me through the session where I felt safe and supported, and the killer playlist didn’t hurt either. I experienced deep relaxation and a spark to keep experimenting with this powerful tool as the newest addition to my healing toolkit. I’m grateful for the experience!

Sara Weinreb

Host of The Medium Well Podcast

I absolutely love Victoria, she makes life more fun and her energy is contagious. I had no idea I would develop such adoration for the person who has helped me heal my gut. She is a top-notch coach and I couldn't recommend her more.

I love how multi-talented she is -- everything from science-based approaches to mental health, to gut health and meditation. She is the full package!

Sara Chizek

Life Coach, Author of a forthcoming book on grief
New York, NY

Sara Chizek
Sara Chizek

I’ve been coaching and working with Victoria for several years, and recently completed her amazing 6-month program Anchored and loved it. Her expertise and compassion go a long way! Her guidance has been really helpful through transitions in my life (jobs, moving, relationships). I can’t recommend her and Anchored enough.

Rebecca Garcia

Tech Genius, Life Coach
Brooklyn, NY

YouTube video
YouTube video

Before I found Coach Vic I was struggling.

Our coaching work taught me how to feel more confident right away. I learned how to deeply and truly nourish myself, inside and out. I move, eat, think, and feel in new ways now – and feel joyful while doing it. Victoria’s whole approach is about self-love, acceptance, and telling stories that serve us, and it’s life-changing.

I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend Victoria to anyone – I sent both my parents to her! She is truly a goldmine.  Take the chance on changing your life for the better.

G. F.

Health Coach
Westchester, NY


I have been in and out of therapy for 25 years and at some point you kind of think you have “done it all.”  Then six months ago I started to work with Victoria. I am finding myself today in a whole new space of acceptance and understanding about my life and what is. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Ann Kaseman, MSW

Lincoln, Nebraska

Victoria Albina not only changed my life but also saved my life. Victoria has to be one of the most intelligent people I have ever met, and I’ve met hundreds of coaches and healthcare professionals in my work and life.

Victoria treats you like a real person, giving you true direction. She says what she knows and what she means – she is direct and I appreciate it deeply. g

I am very grateful for meeting such an amazing person and love working with her.

JD Sharpe

Atlanta, Paris, NYC


I am so excited to be working with Victoria Albina. Her methodology is life-changing. I feel really supported in this process. She brings a breadth of expertise to the table with zero judgment.

I really appreciate Victoria. She takes the time to get to know you. She works exceptionally hard to guide you on your journey to a fully nourished, healthy life without judgment. Highly recommended.

Sarah Jenny

Brooklyn, NY

When you work with Victoria, you feel like you’re working with a friend who’s “all in” with you in the pursuit of wholeness, and joy-filled living. Because of her training in multiple disciplines, she’s able to support you as a Whole Person. She’s relentless in helping you get to the heart of your issues, whether psychological, or spiritual. She’s a true healer, one that I’m beyond grateful to work with.

Abigail Liu

Education Specialist
New Jersey

Abigail Liu

Coaching with Vic is a JOY! She’s brilliant, intuitive, supportive, and approaches her work with welcome humor.

Her work has helped me learn what habits in all arenas of my life serve me. I also love working with Vic because the human in her acknowledges the human in me–expectations are always reasonable, she meets my struggle with tenderness, and she deeply listens and takes me seriously.

Kaitlin Malick, RN

Herbalist, Nurse, Rabble Rouser
Nashville, TN

Victoria is a compassionate, wise, and fun resource. If you are looking for someone to help you incorporate more awareness and self-knowledge into your approach to life, career, relationships and self-care, I cannot recommend Vic highly enough!

Emily Landry

Birth Doula
Tulsa, OK


Working with Victoria has been a total game changer for me. I had tried just about everything, and things finally changed for the better through working with Victoria. My issues were holding me back from the bigger life changes I wanted to make. It is a relief to move forward on new paths in my life.

Dr. Sarah Pendergrass

Genetic Epidemiologist and Artist
Washington, DC

Sarah Pendergrass Image
Anne Lebleu Photo

Victoria has been an invaluable part of my healing journey. As a trusted confidante, healer, and mentor, she has helped me understand and appreciate that my body is unique. More importantly, she has guided me in understanding its messages and my personal intuition. The journey to healing is never a straight line, but I feel grateful for Victoria because she has helped me navigate the physical, psychological, and emotional aspects of healing, which are ultimately required for a holistic and sustainable path to living a healthy life. Victoria makes me smile, makes me feel heard, and has my back. What more could you want?

Anne L.

Philanthropy Professional
Brooklyn, NY

Victoria has that unique ability to meet you where you are and take you on a journey. A safe, healing, and fun Journey. I love doing breathwork with her. Her background as a nurse practitioner, life coach and herbalist adds another level of professionalism to what many consider a woo woo thing to do. I mean you can breathe and heal!?!?!

OK! I'm in!

Shaney Jo Darden

Women's Health Advocate,
Joshua Tree, CA

shaney jo darden
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YouTube video
Shaney Jo Darden