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Ep #282: Stepping Out of the Rescuer Role

Feminist Wellness with Victoria Albina | Stepping Out of the Rescuer Role

Do you ever feel like you’re constantly swooping in to save the day? This rescuer role is a common thread in codependent thinking. We give and give, even when we’re depleted, believing it’s the noble thing to do. But here’s the catch: rescuing loved ones and truly supporting them are two very different things. The…

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Ep #281: Interdependence with Billey Albina

Feminist Wellness with Victoria Albina | Interdependence with Billey Albina

I’m here today on this 4th of July, not to talk about independence but rather of interdependence. This is a vital topic for us to discuss here on the podcast, and I’m joined by my favorite person in the whole world, Billey Albina. The bedrock of interdependence is mutuality and reciprocity, which when put together,…

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Ep #280: Can Somatic Practices Help If I Don’t Have Trauma?

Feminist Wellness with Victoria Albina | Can Somatic Practices Help If I Don’t Have Trauma?

Much of my training is in somatic experiencing, which is largely about trauma resolution, where I help folks navigate trauma within their nervous systems. It’s easy to start talking about somatics solely within the context of stress, distress, and trauma, but the truth is there are so many more applications of this work than just…

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Ep #278: Embodiment (Part 3)

Feminist Wellness with Victoria Albina | Embodiment (Part 3)

Losing touch with the ability to tune into and trust your bodily signals, especially in the context of emotional outsourcing, is super common. In parts one and two of this mini-series, we’ve defined embodiment and some reasons for cultivating embodiment. And this week, as always, it’s time for the remedies. There’s a complex interplay here…

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Ep #276: Embodiment (Part 1)

Feminist Wellness with Victoria Albina | Embodiment (Part 2)

I’ve been studying and working with the nervous system and somatics for over 20 years, and in that time, embodiment has been a key concept I keep coming back to. While it’s a word that gets thrown around an awful lot, you’re not alone if you don’t know what it means, and that’s why we’re…

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Ep #275: Embracing Safety

Feminist Wellness with Victoria Albina | Embracing Safety

Emotional outsourcing develops as a survival skill in response to a felt or experienced lack of belonging, worthiness, and safety, generally during our developmental years. As a little one, you may have developed habits that helped you feel okay in an environment that didn’t give you what you needed, and this explains how your nervous…

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Ep #274: The Cost of Being Defensive

Feminist Wellness with Victoria Albina | The Cost of Being Defensive

How often do you find yourself erupting in defensiveness? Does receiving feedback or critique feel like a personal attack? Is your reactivity negatively impacting your relationships? And how can you course correct when you find yourself being defensive? If you’re ready to stop moving through the world feeling primed for an attack and are tired…

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