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Nervous System Resourcing: Anchor Yourself in You 

The nervous system is the missing link for so many of us when it comes to our mental and physical health. Understanding how our emotions impact our bodily wellness, how our minds and bodies communicate and are one, and this lens of the nervous system is such a powerful tool for grounding and centering ourselves…

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Ep #135: Attachment and Nervous System Resourcing

Feminist Wellness with Victoria Albina | Attachment and Nervous System Resourcing

You know how much I love nerding out here on the podcast, and I realized it’s been a minute since we talked about one of my favorite topics: polyvagal theory and our nervous systems. So today, we’re diving into a remedy that has been a complete lifesaver for me, and that is nervous system resourcing. …

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Ep #134: Catastrophizing and Reparenting

Feminist Wellness with Victoria Albina | Catastrophizing and Reparenting

One pattern I see in all of my clients (and even myself in those moments where I’m not checking my thoughts) is the tendency to catastrophize. So, something small goes wrong, or could potentially go wrong, and even when nothing has gone wrong, our brains spin a tale of the worst possible scenario: the catastrophe…

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Catastrophizing: Reparenting is the Antidote

One of the thought patterns I see all the time—and used to do myself (ok, I still sometimes do it now)—is catastrophizing. Something small goes wrong or maybe nothing at all is wrong, and your brain spins a tale of the actual worst possible scenario. Maybe you find a bump on your arm, and your…

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Ep #133: Of Course You Did

Feminist Wellness with Victoria Albina | Of Course You Did

A vital part of our individual and collective healing involves quite a bit of discomfort. Uncovering our default thought habits and practicing meeting others and ourselves with compassion, care, and without judgment is challenging to say the least, but I’ve got something special for you today that is the ultimate tool for stepping into wild…

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Of Course You Did: A Tool to Stop Judging Yourself

Judging others is part and parcel of the codependent, perfectionist and people-pleasing way of being. Because we source our worth externally not from within ourselves, we are so scared of being judged by others, because in our unmanaged minds their opinion of us is more important than our opinion of us. So we judge everyone…

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Are You Being Nice or Kind: How Authenticity is Kindness

What’s the difference between niceness and kindness? Humans socialized as women, in particular, are trained to be nice—to put others and their wants and needs ahead of our own, to self-sacrifice, to be the martyr, savior and saint, to be the fixer. There is also a very specific story about what Nice looks like that often…

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Ep #132: Are You Being Nice or Kind?

Feminist Wellness with Victoria Albina | Are You Being Nice or Kind?

Something that I often watch my clients get confused about is the difference between being nice and kind. This is a topic that is essential to our healing, especially as folks with codependent, perfectionist, and people-pleasing thought habits who tend to externalize our self-worth to other people.  I myself have confused these two words for…

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Ep #131: Inside Anchored

Feminist Wellness with Victoria Albina | Inside Anchored

This week, I’m thrilled to be bringing you something a little different to the podcast. I’m sharing a live coaching call I had with my client Kelly, who is a member of my six-month program, Anchored: Overcoming Codependency.  If you’re new here, or you’ve been dying to know what Anchored is all about and whether…

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Anxious Relationship Rushing: Why Pausing is Sexy

anxious relationship rushing

Anxious attachment in relationship is the kind I see most in us externalizers—folks with the thought habit of basing our sense of self worth in other people, in their thoughts and feels, their needs and how we can meet them, their opinion of us. From our codependent anxiety, we tend to cling, to put other…

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