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Ep #88: False Positivity

False Positivity

Have you ever held back the truth of your hurting because you’re worried it’ll be negated, or because it feels scary to get real about it? On my own journey of healing my codependent, perfectionist, and people-pleasing habits, I’ve come to realize how much I used to indulge in false positivity, and if this resonates,…

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Ep #87: Saying What You Mean & Believing Other People

Saying What You Mean & Believing Other People

When you’ve lived your life deferring your decisions to other people in an attempt to keep them happy, declaring your true desires and needs can be challenging, to say the least. Having spent a lifetime of not directly communicating also means it’s a struggle to believe what other people tell you, and today, we’re diving…

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Ep #86: Rejection Has Nothing to Do with Your Worth

Rejection Has Nothing to Do with Your Worth

Can you imagine a world where you never had to fear rejection? You could give yourself the beautiful gift of learning to let other people’s choices be their choices and know that they have nothing to do with you, and be able to take the scary out of hearing “no.” This week, I’m showing you…

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6 Steps to a Healthy and Meaningful Apology

6 Steps to a Healthy and Meaningful Apology

We apologize to reconnect, to repair, to stitch back together the net of relationships that was made weaker by something we said or did. We apologize because love and peace and understanding feel amazing, and being radically honest with ourselves and those we love about where we’ve F’ed up is so freeing. To do that,…

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Ep #85: Guilt Guilt Guilt!

Guilt Guilt Guilt!

For many of us, not measuring up to our own expectations, or messing up and harming someone else leads us down a spiral of guilt. We’re unkind to ourselves and a beatdown ensues, and my sweet love, doing this is not serving you or anyone else. While we get to learn to drop the kind…

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Ep #84: Living with Intention

Living with Intention

Do you ever find yourself feeling like a week, a month, or a whole year has just passed you by? I hear phrases like, “I don’t know where my day went,” all the time, and this is a common experience for us folks with codependent, perfectionist, and people-pleasing thought habits. We’ve spent the last few…

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Ep #83: Constraint of Thought

Constraint of Thought

How often do you find yourself stuck in indecision or overwhelm over all the choices you could make in a day? Maybe you feel like you can’t trust yourself to do the things you know you need to, but don’t worry my love, because I’m sharing the remedy with you today. Last week, we discussed…

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Ep #82: Urges: Restricting vs. Allowing

Urges: Restricting vs. Allowing

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been talking about building self-love and self-trust through the framework of the minimum baseline to start believing that you are a person who keeps their promises to themselves. Today, we’re building on this by talking about the concept of restricting versus allowing. We so often entangle our urges with our…

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Ep #81: The Science Behind Feeling Stuck

The Science Behind Feeling Stuck

Do you ever find yourself feeling stuck working towards a goal? It could be something you feel great and excited about, but you just can’t seem to get your body and mind focused on actually doing it.Nerd alert, I’m diving into the why this week by showing you the science behind it all. We’re going…

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Ep #80: Healing Isn’t Linear

Healing Isn’t Linear

The process of healing is one that can feel like a never-ending pendulum between pain and acceptance. The work of healing is not linear, and just because you’re doing this work doesn’t mean you’ll never experience the slings and arrows that life throws at us. But you always have the power to come back to…

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