Empowering wellness advice with a lot of science and a lot of heart.

If you’re stuck in an emotional pattern and feel like you can’t get free, if you’re still feeling frustrated, scared or anxious, despite all the self-help books you’ve read...this is the podcast for you. The Feminist Wellness podcast offers practical tools and advice to reconnect with that spark of passion in your life, to identify the thought patterns that serve you, and to say a long-time coming goodbye to the ones that hold you back.

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Ep #17: Stress Response Cycle

We live in high-stress times and we feel it coming from all sides––work, friends, family, politics… it can often feel like its building up in our bodies until we want to burst. A not-so-fun fact: Stress contributes to millions of deaths a year, even though it is largely preventable. On today’s show, we’re talking about…
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Ep #16: You Don’t Have To (You Get To)

We all get bogged down by the feeling that we HAVE to do things and it demotivates us to get them done. Whether it is cutting out coffee or cleaning the house, feeling the external pressure to do something makes it difficult to feel like you want to do it. However, we always have the…
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Ep #15: Choosing Suffering

There are constantly different challenges thrown at us that can send us spinning in our own thoughts and feelings. Deaths of loved ones, relationship problems, workplace struggles––all of these things can make us doubt and blame ourselves, falling into the trap of negative thoughts that make us suffer more than we have to. Lately, I’ve…
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Ep #14: Buffering

Society teaches us that there’s no need to deal with any of our painful feelings. We can pop a pill, or go out drinking, or binge-watch Netflix if we’re feeling crappy. Rather than sitting with and sorting through difficult emotions, we can numb them constantly and pretend that they’re not there. Unsurprisingly, this isn’t an…
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Ep #13: Future Tripping

Overthinking is such a sneaky, anxiety-fueling habit. When we overthink about the future – which I call future tripping – we can temporarily relieve our anxiety, because we think we’re going to be able to control the future. Which, once you think about it, is totally illogical – none of us can control every aspect of the…
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Ep #12: Sleep

Getting enough high-quality sleep is one of the single best things we can do for our bodies and minds. Sleep is when our body gets to go into rest and repair mode, so it’s important to do everything we can to support ourselves in getting enough of this glorious rest. Far too many of us…
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