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Nervous System Resourcing: Anchor Yourself in You 

The nervous system is the missing link for so many of us when it comes to our mental and physical health. Understanding how our emotions impact our bodily wellness, how our minds and bodies communicate and are one, and this lens of the nervous system is such a powerful tool for grounding and centering ourselves…

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Trauma Therapy and Somatic Practices with Andrea Glik

convo w trauma therapist Andrea Glik

Victoria: You are a trauma therapist, you have studied a bajillion different modalities, and I would love to talk about what’s going on in the world of trauma support, trauma therapy these days, where you see things going. I think I’ll just open it up to you. Andrea: Certainly there’s a lot more of a…

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Perfectionism: Why B+ Work is Key to Healing


Perfectionism is a sneaky little thought habit indeed. It keeps us running in a perpetual hamster wheel of self-doubt, self-loathing, and never enoughness. So what is perfectionism? And how do we know if perfectionist thinking is what’s driving us? How can we distinguish goal- setting, ambition, desire, passion for our work, from perfectionism? Perfectionist thought…

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Six Surprising Codependent Habits

codependent habits

I lived the first 30 years or so of my life rolling around in codependent thought patterns and habits, until I realized how deeply this way of thinking and showing up in the world had seeped into my mind, into my thoughts and feelings, leading me to act in ways that I now see as…

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Your Why and Polyvagal Theory: Body/Mind Connection

your why and polyvagal theory

It’s easy to make a list of the 473 things you want to accomplish in a day, a month, a year, or even a lifetime. And often it’s harder to get those things off the list. Especially those things that feel big, challenging, failure prone, vulnerable-making. Even harder still when you’re not connected with your…

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How We Communicate with Ourselves

how we communicate with ourselves

How we communicate with ourselves encompasses how we talk to ourselves, how we treat ourselves, and the images we display to ourselves.  These are all modes of communication with an inward focus.  I used to have an old cassette tape in my head that said I was always on the verge of being in trouble. As…

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Codependent Thinking-What are the Signs?

codependent thinking

Have you ever found yourself chronically putting someone else’s needs ahead of your own? This could be a sign that you’re in a codependent relationship.  Do you find it hard to make decisions for fear of someone’s disapproval? Do you often worry about what others will think of you? Sometimes even to the point of…

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You Don’t Have To (You Get To) Change Your Story

you don't have to you get to change your story

Have you been rolling around in “have-to” stories? Are you feeling burdened by all the things you “have to” do today? You’re not alone. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the stories of the things you “have to” do—from brushing your teeth or following a specific nutrition plan, to meditating or showing up…

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You Can Decide to Choose Suffering- Or Not!

choosing suffering

How can we reduce our suffering? Life is 50% joy and 50% suffering, so how can we accept that fact and stop rolling around in painful stories that happened in the past? The Buddhist concept of the second arrow brings helpful wisdom that we can all benefit from. Learning this concept can help you notice…

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