Ep #101: Managing Other People’s Emotions

Managing Other People’s Emotions

Does the notion of trying to manage other people’s moods and emotions for them sound familiar? Maybe it happens with a family member, a friend, or your partner, where you try to make them laugh if they’re upset, or do your best to be good so your home feels safer. In these types of situations…

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Ep #100: My Biggest Takeaways

My Biggest Takeaways

Today is a very special day because it marks the 100th episode of the Feminist Wellness podcast. Over the span of 100 episodes, I have increased my self-trust, self-love, and compassion for myself and others. It has been a beautiful journey with so many incredible lessons.  To celebrate this milestone, I decided to look back…

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Ep #99: The Perfect Time for Your Dreams is Now

The Perfect Time for Your Dreams is Now

In this beautiful new year full of so much hope and possibility, is your brain telling you to hold off and wait for the perfect time to go after your dreams? If you catch yourself spinning in the perfectionist thought fantasies that tell you the perfect time to pursue your dream is somewhere out there…

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Ep #98: The Power of Yet

The Power of Yet

We are on the very cusp of 2021, and this time of year often provokes thoughts about our dreams and what we want in our lives going forward, but are you cutting your future off at the knees before you even get started? A phrase I hear often from my clients, which I know to…

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Ep #97: Believing in Your Goals, Believing in Yourself

Believing in Your Goals, Believing in Yourself

As the New Year looms ahead, many of us with codependent, perfectionist, and people-pleasing tendencies are thinking about the huge, life-changing goals that we want to achieve in the coming year. And if you regularly get trapped in this kind of goal setting that feels crushing when you inevitably don’t reach your desired outcome, today,…

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Ep #96: Why Celebrating Matters

Why Celebrating Matters

If this podcast resonates with you and you listen in frequently, you likely find the act of celebrating yourself challenging. It might feel like a totally foreign concept, where you’ve never even considered pausing to recognize your achievements, or you apologize for doing it and feel the need to add a disclaimer beforehand. The art…

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Ep #95: Getting Real About How You Feel

Getting Real About How You Feel

One of the core tools that I share with you here on the podcast to heal your codependent, perfectionist, and people-pleasing habits is the thought work protocol. Using this one tool has helped me step out of old narratives that don’t serve me and it really has been so empowering, but 2020 has been tough…

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Ep #94: Empaths and Other People’s Emotions

Empaths and Other People’s Emotions

A common experience among my clients in my six-month mastermind is that of being an empath. If you feel like you easily absorb and take on other people’s emotions, across the spectrum from positive to negative, and you want to shift the narrative or figure out how to support yourself better, this episode is for…

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Ep #93: Pleasure


What comes to mind if I asked you to prioritize pleasure in your life? So many of us have no idea what pleasure really entails or why it matters, and if you’re socialized as a woman, you likely have been led to believe that it’s more of a nice-to-have, rather than a necessity in your…

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Ep #92: Radical Self-Responsibility

Radical Self-Responsibility

For those of us with codependent, perfectionist, and people-pleasing thought habits, taking responsibility for our own lives can feel elusive, or it might even be completely off our radar. If you identify with these thought patterns, you probably have a habit of dodging taking ownership of your life, and this is what we’re diving into…

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