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Ep #233: Astrocartography with The Spirit Sis, Steffi

Feminist Wellness with Victoria Albina | Astrocartography with The Spirit Sis, Steffi

By now, you’ll know that geeking out is very much my thing. You might even say it’s in my chart to be a nerd. And this week, I’m delighted to have you listen in as I get my astrocartography reading from psychic medium, astrologer, and intuitive energy healer, Steffi, a.k.a The Spirit Sis.

Astrocartography is an ancient medium that Steffi uses in her practice to help, inform, and support her clients. She uncovers places on the globe where you should travel to, live near, find inspiration from, as well as places to avoid altogether. Astrocartography has changed the lives of so many of Steffi’s clients, and you get to join us as she guides me through my very own astrocartography reading!

Tune in this week as Steffi assesses my astrocartography reading. She’s walking us through the complex field of study that is astrocartography and how using this tool can be incredibly life-changing, because as you’ll hear, this information does not lie! 


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What You’ll Learn:

What the practice of astrocartography entails.

Steffi's assessment of my astrocartography.

How using astrocartography intentionally can inform your day-to-day life.

The highly karmic and spiritual places Steffi recommends for me. 

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Full Episode Transcript:

This is Feminist Wellness, and I’m your host, Nurse Practitioner, Functional Medicine expert, and life coach, Victoria Albina. I’ll show you how to get unstuck, drop the anxiety, perfectionism, and codependency so you can live from your beautiful heart. Welcome, my love; let’s get started.

Victoria Albina: Hi, Steffi, I'm so excited to have you here.

Steffi Hill: I am so excited to see you again. I love your energy. Thank you for having me on the podcast.

Victoria: Oh, it's an absolute delight. This is such a treat for me. I love geeking out about astrology. I just love geeking out, sort of full stop, as you know.

Steffi: That's in your chart.

Victoria: That is in my chart. It is in my stars to be a nerd. And so, you one of the things I love the most? It’s when someone's like, “You know what? I'm going to go all the way in on something, and I'm going to really learn about this complex, in depth thing. That's what you do. We're going to talk about Astrocartography, which is this super deep, super complex field of study, and you're an expert in it. I find expertise just so inspiring. When someone's like, “I'm just going to do the thing.”

Steffi: Yeah, and this thing has changed my life. It's changed so many lives. Because you find out where in the world you're most supported, where you're held, where you feel comfortable and cozy. Then, other places of the world where you're like, “Oh, heck, no. This is not jiving.” So, that's why knowing that information is completely life changing. That's why I had to dive in and had to geek out. Now, it's my favorite thing to talk about in the world. I love it.

Victoria: I love it. I love it. So, wait, before we get into Astrocartography, because you do so many things so well and so wonderfully. Would you please tell the good people who you are, what you do, and why you're so amazing? I can tell them that.

Steffi: So yeah, I am a psychic medium, first and foremost, an evidential psychic medium. I've been doing that, obviously, my whole life. It's not something you can just turn on or learn. It's just something that I've been doing. I've been studying astrology, 10+ years. I started reading birth charts for fun. I also did palm reading. Then, I just kind of mixed it all together.

Astrocartography is something I learned, I would say, within the last five years. I love all of these ancient modalities, and I kind of mix them together in my practice to, I guess, inform, help, and support my clients. Also, I am a double Cancer with an Aries Moon. And in Human Design, I'm a Manifesting Generator. Which you are too, right?

Victoria: Yes, I sure I am. Absolutely.

Steffi: We're meant to do and we're designed to do all the things, and use them in one cohesive way. So, that's why I always felt like I was a crackhead. I felt like I was always all over the place and had too much energy spread out. Then I found out I was a Man-Gen and I was like, oh I'm supposed to have different energy in different places and mix them together.

Victoria: I love that. That's amazing. Yay.

Steffi: That's how I started and I'm still checking on, and I just love it. It's my favorite thing in the world.

Victoria: Oh, so fun. Yay. Should we dive in?

Steffi: Sure, yeah. Have you gotten astrocartography reading before?

Victoria: Not officially. Some kind of years ago, I was considering moving and a friend of mine had been studying Astrocartography, but she was guessing, let's be very real. She was guessing. So, I'm going to be really curious to see if the same sort of bright lines that she spotted and called out are what you, as an expert, are seeing. I'm so stoked about this.

Steffi: Okay, cool. The first thing I want to talk about is what is Astrocartography. Because a lot of people call it either Locational Astrology or Relocation Astrology. Basically, it is your natal chart kind of spread out and copied and pasted onto the globe. Now, what's interesting, is you have all these planets in your birth chart the moment you were born. It all kind of started there to make you this perfect personality of who you are, where all the planets laid out.

In astrocartography, what's really interesting is your planets have a north, south, east, and west vibration. So, each planet has four different lines to go on. For example, for you, because you are a Leo sun… I'm looking at your chart, too. You’ve got this beautiful Jupiter sitting in Leo. You’re Leo, Leo, Leo.

Victoria: I'm a Leo all over the place. But actually, can we talk about my hair some more?

Steffi: You’ve got the most perfect lioness hair, ever. I’m jealous. Also, Astrology related, not even Astrocartography related, you having a podcast is the most inline thing that you could do for your purpose; the most. Anyway, I love looking at the natal chart and then putting it into Astrocartography.

Sometimes, if you're pulling up your Astrocartography map, it gets really confusing because you have four Jupiter lines, you have four Moon lines, and what does it mean? So, what I like to do, is I like to toggle back and forth between your natal chart and your Astrocartography maps, to kind of see where you're most supported and what's energetically perfect for you.

For example, since you're a Leo Sun and you’re Taurus rising, your Venus, your Sun, and your Jupiter lines are perfect for you. But that might not be the same for your partner, your family member, or your best friend. They could have different lines that are great for them. Different strokes for different folks.

Victoria: That’s so cool

Steffi: I know. It’s insanely fun. Now, something I also want to look at, when I'm looking at the natal chart, I have to look at what travel influences are already coming up. Since you have your Jupiter and your Sun in Leo in the third house, where you live is very specific to you and you have to really love where you live. As a Leo third house its community’s very critical to your being. Not only the podcast community, its social media and networking there, but where you live. Having these placements in Leo, you need something that's vibrant, that's fun, that's playful. So, you live in New York right now, right?

Victoria: Yep.

Steffi: I couldn't pick a better place. The only thing I will say, is sometimes you do crave a little more sunshine.

Victoria: That is true. That is very true.

Steffi: Something to consider, maybe in the winter months, if you're kind of feeling a little down or things are happening, because you have also that Taurus rising, very Venusian in nature, you do need a little more nature walks and things like that as well. So, that's where I would say, as far as travel influences, if you're feeling a little stir crazy get outside and take a walk.

I would also even recommend going to a show, a comedy show, or a concert and things like that. That's where your Leo can really be expressed in that third house.

Victoria: Oh, that's fun. Okay. I like that.

Steffi: As far as your fourth house is concerned, where you live, … Because again, Astrocartography is fun. You want to travel all over the world, but we are at home the majority of the time. Especially during the pandemic, right? We couldn't move, we couldn't do anything, and we're like, what are we supposed to do?

So, your home environment’s very interesting because it's in Virgo. Which is actually perfect for working at home, and perfect for having an online business. Basically, when you go out it is playtime. At home, you're really more reserved, you’re laid back. I could even say more frugal sometimes for home decor, and things like that. You should really have plants, fresh food from the farmers market, and things like that in your home.

Victoria: Yeah, right on. My plants…

Steffi: Does that resonate with you?

Victoria: Yep, that's all resonating. Yep. Yep, yep.

Steffi: Where exactly in New York are you living right now?

Victoria: I'm in the Hudson Valley. Depending on traffic, two hours north of the city right now. I was in Brooklyn before, and we're considering getting a little place in Brooklyn because we go a lot. But the Hudson Valley is my jam, right now.

Steffi: Okay, cool. You actually have such beautiful lines all over the East Coast. I'm not surprised that you landed there. What is the energy you feel in New York? Because to me, it feels like it's a very dreamy, artistic, very spiritually healing line. So, how do you feel being there?

Victoria: I love it here. I love waking up… We have these casement windows all over the house, and the second I wake up I see trees, I see the sky. I go to sleep seeing the stars. It is very dreamy, and very sweet. Between here and the city there are two spaces where I do feel like I've had the opportunity to do so much healing.

There are just such great people in this area that are so dedicated to healing work. There's always 5Rhythms dance to go to, and there's always breath work, and there's always a Kirtan gathering; there's stuff.

Steffi: That's so in alignment with your chart too, because your Neptune is in your seventh house of collaborations and partnerships. So, when you're sitting here on this Neptune line, it's dreamy connections and helping people, which is exactly what you do. Connecting with people with your podcast and things like that; you doing podcasts appearances. So, on the Neptune line at the highest vibration is exactly what you're doing.

Now, every single line, I always say, has a high and a low vibration. Sometimes, when you're specifically on the line, and depending on your days or what transits are happening in the night sky, you can sometimes fall in a low. A low vibration of Neptune can be, I would say, almost too dreamy, disillusionment, feeling like you're not necessarily present, not feeling grounded. Those things can happen. Or maybe having rose colored glasses and not truly seeing people for who they are.

Sometimes, some of my clients, if they're on a Neptune line somewhere, they'll be, “Oh my gosh, I got scammed.” Sometimes that can happen. But again, in the highest expression, it is writing books, and really, truly, making a spiritual, healing, deeply artistic, dream-like… Everything that comes with the Neptune influence. So, it seems like you're in the highest expression of that right now.

Victoria: I'm working on it.

Steffi: But if you wanted to get off that line, it's possible. The other thing I want to say about Astrocartography, which is so badass, is you don't necessarily have to be on the line to feel it's energetic advantages or disadvantages. If you wanted to, let's say, get on another line somewhere. You have a really good line, for example, in Thailand. It’s a super one. So, do you love Thai food or Thai influence of anything?

Victoria: I do love Thai food. I mean, does somebody not? Fools! People allergic to peanuts, we'll grant them that.

Steffi: For you having those Thai influences… Also, you have really good lines in India. So, you can source crystals, textiles, and food products from those places and keep them in your home if you want to, maybe, get a little bit off that Neptune line and get more on the Jupiter. Does that make sense?

Victoria: Interesting. Yeah. That's really cool.

Steffi: Or meeting people. For example, you were born in Argentina. So, you were born on a different line than you're living on now. So, you might actually give that energy to… If your partner has a Venus line in Argentina, that's why they're drawn to you.

Victoria: Oh, cool. Oh, that's really cool.

Steffi: It checks out. I was born in Detroit, and my partner has a Venus line in Detroit. So, it's really fun to kind of look at people's lines, and then start traveling and being really intentional with how you use Astrocartography, to really just inform and change so many things throughout your day.

Victoria: Wow. Wow, wow.

Steffi: I know, right? There’s so much going on. The other places I'd love for you in the U.S., New Orleans is super fun. It's on a Sun line. You could definitely live there or have property there. It's on a Sun I-C, so that actually is ancestry influenced. So, if you go there, you could go with family or you can go friends. Or when you're there, you start channeling maybe things from your lineage, things from your past.

You’re a Leo, Leo, Leo, right? When you go to Sun lines, it's just this embodiment of who you are in confidence and fun, and it's getting loose, having a great time. This is where you go with some girlfriends, or where you go on a family trip, and just have total fun, just abandon anything from the outside world, and just be present.

Victoria: That's so fun.

Steffi: Are you writing this down?

Victoria: Oh my God, I'm totally writing this down. Even though we're recording it to actually put it into the world forever, I'm such a nerd that I’m 100% making teeny, tiny notes. Also, there's full size notepads all around me, and I'm using the world's tiniest Post-it; no one knows why. Why? Someone tell me why.

Steffi: This is so cute, because you're so focused. So, it's like, “Wait, we're really recording this.”

Victoria: What are we doing? I don't know.

Steffi: Don't worry. My Mercury and Venus are in Gemini. So, I take tons of notes. I'm taking notes, but I’m also doing it in real time because it's more fun. I just feel the energy. What's really interesting about you, Victoria, is you have your ninth house, which rules longest travel, in Aquarius. So actually, trips for you might come up suddenly, unexpectedly, spontaneously, and you're not really meant to plan trips ahead of time.

If you do have a little more of a looser structure. “Okay, I want to go in, maybe, March or April,” and then intuitively feel. Once you get to the place, because it's an Aquarius and it's very collective energy, you're probably talking to the people who live there, you're very culturally immersed, and you want to get to know the people. It's very humanitarian, and a very collective energy when you travel.

Anyway, that's also something to note about your natal chart, which is really fun. Is there anywhere in the U.S. you have been wanting to travel to, or any place you dislike? We can bring up that. Not all places are all positive. Some of them are challenging. I don't think there's any difficult lines.

There are definitely lines where there's a little more healing taking place, or growth, or they're a little more sticky and empty. But is there any for you? I mean, I could just tell you. There are places in Texas that feel a little bit tough.

Victoria: Yeah, I mean, politically, I feel like Texas would be a little bit tough.

Steffi: You're [crosstalk] with a Chiron, and it’s also on the people line, the descendant. So yeah, it's more like, people don't understand you and you don't understand them, or you don't feel seen in the way you need to feel seen.

Victoria: Yeah. I feel… Yes. I'm also not trying to diss anybody's hometown. So, I'm just going to be like, yep.

Steffi: But again, it's just this is how it's showing. It's not necessarily a totally negative thing. It's maybe something to work through. That Pluto is all about that ‘darkness to the light’ transformation. So, maybe being on this line, and maybe seeing and talking to the people there, there can be understanding on both ends, right?

Victoria: I love that. I love that. I mean, the two places I've been the most curious about are moving back home to Argentina. Just curious.

Steffi: Yeah, I wanted to talk to you about that.

Victoria: What do you see?

Steffi: You've actually really positive lines in your hometown. In Argentina, you're close to what's called a North Node line. North Node lines are very kismet, karmic people, places and situations. It's on an I-C, which means home and family. So, when you're there, there's a cozy vibe. You feel very much in alignment.

But then, it's cushioned between two other lines that give different energies. You have a Moon in the Descendant, so deeply healing. Then you have a Saturn, which is a little more of a difficult aspect at times. Sometimes Saturn can feel really heavy. Let's actually look at your chart. I want to see where Saturn is. Your Saturn is in your fourth house. Okay, okay, this all makes sense. We don't have to divulge into this now, but what's relationship with Dad like? Because this is energy of feeling weak daddy energy?

Victoria: Oh, yeah, we've had a complicated soul contract that I've done some really important deep work on.

Steffi: I see, not to call a spade a spade, but I see it and I have to call it. There are definitely interesting energies with healing of the feminine and the masculine here, and the childhood stuff. So, when Saturn is involved here, like I said, sometimes it can feel heavy. But also, sometimes, if you just work on it and take accountability of that it can feel really deeply healing and karmic.

So, you're in between three lines. This North Node line that's super kismet. Which actually, I tell people, my clients, on this line is where you actually should buy property or live later in life. If you're thinking about, later in life moving back to your hometown, that's actually really supportive, or if you want to buy property or whatever.

A lot of Saturn lines, after you turn 30, are a little more positive, or can be. Also good for property, real estate, things like that. So, I don't know, it's something to think about. I like it. I just want to let you know there's three different energies that are working with you, and that Saturn energy is something to really note and to bring awareness to. If that makes sense.

Victoria: It totally makes a lot of sense. I am curious how specific the reading gets. So, if you're looking at Mar del Plata, my hometown, does that reading apply to Buenos Aires? I know it's five hours away, but will it have that same energy, five hours north?

Steffi: Actually, that city is directly on your Saturn line. Where you were born is actually in between the North Node and Saturn.

Victoria: Wow. So, looking to move to B.A. would be working with that father wound energy real hard?

Steffi: That tracks. Sometimes, it just depends per person and what's going on in the night sky, the transits currently. But sometimes people can move to that place and feel the line instantly. For me, for example, when I'm flying over it, I can feel it. I'm like, “Ooh, I'm over a power line.” I have a lot of anxiety. But sometimes it just depends. If you're there for a very long time, the influences might dissipate and you might get used to it. Or sometimes it can be so overwhelming that you're like, “I need to move off this line.”

So again, that's why I really recommend testing out the energy of the place before you go, or just going on a trip and seeing how it feels. Because in your chart, for example, your Saturn line is on top of your I-C, which is all about home roots and families. So, it could be deeply karmic, but also because you're grown now, right? It might not have impact you as much as it did in your early childhood. If that makes sense.

Which makes so much sense for what you do in your work. So, that would be really interesting. We'd have to do some field research and be like, “How're you feeling today? Are you feeling sad? Are you feeling normal?”

Victoria: I love it. So, we should go to B.A. Let's go. You go to LAX. I'm going to JFK. I'll meet you in Buenos Aires.

Steffi: I have great lines over here. So, that’s probably why I fell in love with you the second we met. I was like, “She's amazing.” But yeah, I have great lines over here.

Victoria: Alright, let's go. We're not busy.

Steffi: I'll take a weekend to go to South America. There are other areas, almost on the west side of South America, that are a little more expansive, actually. I would look at even parts of Eastern Costa Rica for you, that’s Central America. But also, on that Jupiter line, a little more expansive, growth, spiritually aligned.

So, it's interesting that you have all of these influences. Some of the lines fall in the middle of the ocean. So, the fact that these three lines are falling in your hometown, you can't make that shit up. Your lines are different than mine. Some people have no lines in South America at all.

Victoria: So cool.

Steffi: Geeking out all day long. It’s the coolest thing.

Victoria: So far, I should hang out in New Orleans, live in Costa Rica, and maybe check out when Bueno Aires/La Pampa, Argentina.

Steffi: Yes, yes. Yes. Love, love, love. You also have a very fun energy in Miami. I don't know if you go to Florida.

Victoria: Oh, yes. I've spent a lot of time in Florida. Yeah.

Steffi: Okay. Yeah, it's on Jupiter line. Your Jupiter is in a wider conjunction with your Sun in your third. I mean, again, if you look at your demographics in your podcasts, I'd be really curious to see where the most listenership is, in the States. Because sometimes Jupiter lines, even if you don't want to go there, or live there, you can actually start, I would say, promoting your business in these areas.

Jupiter lines are really good for business work. Or let's say you wanted to hire a coach or wanted to work with someone, a spiritual teacher, something like that, I would look for someone in that area. So, Miami. Miami and parts of South Carolina, and it also goes down to Panama, Costa Rica, and Cayman Islands.

Victoria: Cayman Islands, how rando. I love it.

Steffi: And if you wanted to go on a really relaxing trip, let's say you wanted to go on a romantic trip, or you wanted to just let loose, relax, St. Vincent You can tell from Detroit, I don't know how to pronounce anything. Okay, I'm just going to butcher these. Basically, all of those Virgin Islands down there.

Victoria: Okay. Okay, great. I'm going to write St. Vincent, etc. Barbados.

Steffi: Barbados is a Neptune line mixed with a North Node line. So, it's hella karmic and really, really relaxing. So, that's my next trip for you if you wanted to just do a little getaway and get out of town.

Victoria: All right, cool. Fun. Okay.

Steffi: Just a few more places I kind of wrote down and called. You have a really lovely line going right through the Jupiter line going right through Madrid, Spain. Have you been to Spain?

Victoria: I have been to España. A couple years ago, I was thinking of moving to España. I was considering it. Yeah, I went home to Argentina for a couple months, because I was like, do I want to move back home? I went to maybe not leave, and then COVID, meow, meow, meow. It got really ugly and I was just like, you know what? Get me back to New York City. But Madrid is the other place that I've been considering, if I expatriate.

Steffi: See, again, you can't make this up. That's somewhere you've been thinking about, and your Jupiter line goes smack through Spain, especially Madrid. Very interesting. Again, Jupiter lines are super expansive, and really good for growth and for change, and just to feel gushy energy. I always recommend going to Jupiter lines. Even to travel to, it's a great place for you.

Victoria: Oh, I love that. It is really interesting that we've been talking about Madrid, and not Barcelona or not Majorca. My line’s right there.

Steffi: Directly. What's interesting, is if you go more east, even Barcelona, you're actually between Chiron and Uranus, which is kind of unpredictable energy. It's a little funkier. It’s fun, if you wanted to really change the energy, let's say. I recommend Uranus lines, if you're wanting to break out of a rut and you're like, “Okay, I want to just do something fun and liberate myself from the mundane,” then Barcelona would be there.

But for you specifically, it's also on a line that is a little bit of, I guess, I don't want to say wounding, but there's an interesting shadow that can come up with career. So, this is just in Barcelona. So basically, I would say if you’re going there, make sure you're really taking the time off, not looking at your phone, and being more present in these areas.

But if I wanted you to have a more relaxing trip, one where you don't have to worry about that, that's Madrid and southern Spain.

Victoria: Wow, and southern Spain, which is the other… Yeah, okay. Yes. That's wild.

Steffi: It's so crazy. Again, you can't make this shit up. I’ve given hundreds and hundreds, maybe even thousands of readings at this point, for the past four years I've had business. It's so crazy how much it aligns if people feel negative in one space, or a call to one space. Just look at your lines, because most likely it will be exactly aligned with what you felt.

Victoria: Wow. Yeah, that's amazing.

Steffi: Other fun energy for you, two places I really would love you to go to: Greece is amazing if you want to make some friends.

Victoria: Make friends.

Steffi: Yeah, it's a good place for you to be chummy with people, be really immersed in the culture, eating the food, and having fun. You know what it is? It's the lines you feel in Argentina, but expressed in a different way. It's also the Saturn line isn't as… I wish I could show you. But basically, it's the Moon and the North Node and the Saturn are all kind of doing a little dance.

In Greece, and especially in the islands, actually, it's just the North Node and the Moon are basically cock-blocking Saturn, so it's not that much of its energy. So, Greece is an amazing place to either go on a trip with friends or to meet people.

Victoria: How fun. So of course, yesterday, I was talking with my team about doing Feminist Wellness retreats. It's happening, y'all. We had it all organized, all planned, and then… pandemic. So, we're finally feeling safe enough to start getting it together again, and Greece was at the top of the list.

Steffi: That's where you’re going.

Victoria: I love it. All right. Sounds like we're going to Greece, y'all.

Steffi: I'm coming with you.

Victoria: Yes, you are. That would be amazing. You should actually talk about that. But New Orleans is also on the list because we need to do U.S. spots too, right?

Steffi: Absofreakinglutely! Yes, yes.

Victoria: There's one other place that was high on my list. I'm not going to name it. I'm curious to see if find it, too.

Steffi: Oh, now I'm challenged and I like that.

Victoria: I know you do, nerdy pants.

Steffi: Such a nerd. I'm going to find it. You know where else I really like for a retreat that would be very active? Morocco is great, really good. You’ve got your Mercury, your Sun, your Venus. It's really active. So, if you're in Morocco, this would be a place to do a lot of activities involving your body, involving somatics. And it's also on that Mercury line, so it's very good for speaking, talking, leading retreats, as well.

Victoria: Ooh, okay.

Steffi: It’s a good connection spot. Sometimes Mercury lines… For you, it's a little different in your chart, because your Mercury and your Sun and your Venus, in your Astrocartography, are all kind of close together. One of my girlfriends went to the Bahamas. She was like, “I just want a relaxing vacation.” She called me and she's like, “What is going on? My phone keeps ringing,” this and that. And I was like, I guarantee you're on Mercury line. And sure enough, she was.

Because sometimes, Mercury lines are so active with communication. Because Mercury rules communication. So, sometimes I don't recommend Mercury lines for places of retreat. But as far as your chart is concerned, it's mixed with the Sun and the Venus, so there's a little bit of taking in nature, enjoying the people you're with, and also having fun. That Mercury is also active, fun, talkative, learning, and accessing information as well.

Victoria: So fun.

Steffi: Yes, yes. Yes. Where else I also really liked, which is highly, deeply karmic and spiritual, is South Africa, specifically Cape Town. And then I really like Malawi, as well.

Victoria: Okay. Wow. Yeah.

Steffi: It's got the Jupiter and the Moon; Malawi has got that. It's the same energy you felt in Greece. Just a little more south.

Victoria: Wow. That's cool.

Steffi: Yep. And then, a few more places that are my favorites for you. I wrote this down in my book and nerdily circled it 100 times, and then did a bunch of underscores. Bettiah, but specifically, Nepal. Yes, yes, yes. You have your Moon, your Mercury and your Venus, the similar lines to what I felt in Morocco. But here, they're on the Midheaven line. So, they're more expressed of career and purpose and manifestation of dreams.

Again, not to overcomplicate things, I don't want make it too complex, but there's something called the Zenith, which is the strongest energy of the whole line. You have three circles sitting in India. The strongest energy of the whole line sitting in India, directly under Nepal. It's like this eat, pray, love energy. It's going there to study and to learn.

And again, because it's on the Midheaven if you wanted to incorporate Indian practices, if you wanted to learn about Buddhism or Ayurveda or yoga practices, or anything like that, that stem originally from India, those are super helpful for your career.

Victoria: Wow, that's interesting. My partner's a Tibetan Buddhist.

Steffi: Are you kidding me?

Victoria: We were talking recently that we should go to there.

Steffi: She probably has great lines over there, too.

Victoria: I bet she does.  I know she does. I want to hear the next.

Steffi: I feel like this is such a cool place. But again, like I said, if you can't make it to India in this next year, I really want to encourage you to start feeling… I mean, you already feel it with her doing it every day, practicing.

Victoria: Yeah, yeah, we practice every day.

Steffi: That’s actually amazing. Which is probably why you’re so drawn to her. You can still, again, even buying stuff from these places… Because there's a Mercury line, you can even look at pictures on social media and get the energy of that Mercury. Or researching online museums.

Victoria: Oh, wow. The whole Nepal, Morocco, Greece vision board.

Steffi: Right. My lines are all on Nebraska or Canada, which I love. I'm excited and I love the mountains. But yours are in the middle of the coolest, amazing, high vibe... I just am obsessed. It's the coolest thing to do this and to see how much it's already resonating with you.

The last place, and then you can ask me any questions you want, I really, really like Hawaii, insanely. It's on a Moon, on the Midheaven. Again, if you wanted to do a little retreat with your community, it specifically goes through Honolulu, directly on top. The Midheaven line is all about career, purpose… On the Moon. Your Moon is really lovely aspected, it's in Sagittarius, which rules travel, hello. And your Moon’s in the seventh house, which is divine collaborations and one-on-one work. Having a retreat here seems like a no brainer.

Victoria: Wow. O‘ahu, that’s amazing.

Steffi: That is specifically. Yep. Yep, yep. Do you have any questions?

Victoria: Do you see anything in Portugal?

Steffi: Spain was great. Let's see Portugal. So okay, you don't have any lines in Portugal. But sometimes, when you don't have anything specifically on that line, it's actually a good place to travel because you're not heavily influenced one way or another.

So sometimes, if one of my clients are sitting on line for a long time and they're feeling kind of bored because it's the same energy, I’m like, “Go to a place where you have no lines.” Because it's going to be easier to travel there and it's going to be chill. So, for you, in Lisbon you have a smaller aspect. It's a subtle line. It's a Pluto on the Ascendant, which is deeply healing. Let's see, your Pluto is fifth house, so this will be a place to be creative, for sure. Because your Pluto is there. But yeah, I love it. Lisbon's fantastic.

Victoria: Wow. Okay, great. And then, just curious, Providence, Rhode Island. The capital of the greatest state in the Union.

Steffi: Let's take a look at Rhode Island. You're close to nothing too bad or good over here. Yeah, it's a line where there's nothing, really. But you're in between and Neptune and Mars. Let me just ask you what energy do you feel over here.

Victoria: In Rhode Island? Well, that's where we moved. I mean, we moved to San Francisco, Philly, and then eventually to Rhode Island. So, I have a lot of love for that town. I have to remember that I'm on a podcast. I'm doing it with my body, but there's something in me that wants to hold back a little bit. But also, I love it. Because it's where I grew up.

Steffi: Totally, there's history there. And that's the other thing, too. I mean, you have a human experience, you choose to use your free well. So, that's why I always tell people to use this as a tool, and self-awareness tool, but also with a grain of salt. Because there are some places that condition you, that are in your karmic contract, that have nothing to do with Astrology.

But what I will say is, it's really close to a Mars Midheaven, which is trining. The Mars trining your Midheaven, and then a Mars Descendant. So, it's really good and to access your willpower and your strength. But sometimes, on this line, I have seen that there's a little bit of frustration or aggression toward you. I know that's really interesting. But it's like sometimes it's, why are you so angry, bro? Or what is going on?

You're not exactly on top of it, so it's not hitting you every day. But every now and then, you'll be like, “I didn’t like vibe of that person.”

Victoria: That makes so much sense. Yeah, it can be a little aggro, in general. It's a town with an edge.

Steffi: Totally. I was just kind of channeling you driving, and sometimes there's road rage. Is there?

Victoria: Oh, yeah, it's very road ragey. Yeah, yeah. My partner was offered a job at Harvard, and we're both like, ah, I don't. I don't know that edge.  We're both kind of sensitive to it.

Steffi: If you were to have this awareness… Now, your Mars, in your chart, is in your first house. It's aspected nicely. Your Mars isn't crazy where I’d be avoidant, right? Again, it's pulling yourself up from your bootstraps and being like, “I need to physically use my body and use my brain and my willpower to get through this.”

There's a little bit of diversity. Regardless of it being fine in your chart, there's just a little bit of this push and pull.

Victoria: Yeah, I hear that. I'm also like, why not just go where it's a little gentler, energetically warmer and easier.

Steffi: I agree. At this point in my life... My word for the past year and something, I channeled at the beginning of the year, is ease.

Victoria: For the last three years my word… I do a big New Year’s ceremony, and after those three days, I ask my guides, as well as my body, for the word. It's been ease, ease, ease.

Steffi: I think that has to be collective, that we're tapping into. I’m just tired of continuing to grind and hustle. I want things to be easy peasy squeezy, you know? Leaning into that energy now, I wanted to see where I was, in your chart. Because I'm sitting in Los Angeles, and you don't have any hard planet lines. But you have what’s called subtle aspect lines, which sometimes you feel over time.

You have Jupiter and Neptune and the North Node going right through where I am in Los Angeles now. That's actually really good. People see you and appreciate you for who you are, if you deal or have clients or talk to people in Los Angeles. I'm sure you do all the time for your podcast. But also, it's a great place to visit and to have spiritual conversations, which is what we’re doing right now.

Victoria: It is. I love it. Oh, that's fun. Maybe we should do a retreat together in L.A. Okay, great. Okay. So, Vancouver’s cute?

Steffi: Done. Vancouver and the Pacific Northwest is just lovely. Another little vacation spot, especially Vancouver. You’ve got Venus, Sun, Moon, Jupiter, and Neptune. This is just a vibe. A total vibe. This is a place you go to really take a vacation, take in the sights. It's that Sun and that Moon; that feminine and masculine energy mixing together to make this really beautiful, little, cozy nook in Vancouver; specifically, Vancouver Island.

Those lines kind of run parallel to go... Well, they all kind of mix in the Vancouver/Seattle area. But if we go more down south, in Los Angeles, same vibes. Same, but different. Anyway, it's all great.

Victoria: I love it. Oh, how fun. I feel so happy. I just love geeking out about this stuff. I love Astrology as this gift from the heavens of just some information, right? That, like you said, free will. Do with it what you will. See what resonates. Somatically it's such a reminder that whatever information we get is only as good as the resonance it has in our bodies. Right?

And so, if you were like, “Girl, Madrid,” and my body's absolutely not. I'm going to trust my body. Right? I'm going to listen to my intuition, my discernment. So yeah, so it's just that reminder to always anchor ourselves back in ourselves to find the true truth. And the truth that Astrology offers is a really fun, dope, one too.

Steffi: Exactly as I was saying, those places, and if there was a place you never thought of, and you're listening to your body and it feels like a no right now. It could also be, maybe in the future, if you revisit that place, it could be a yes. But it's good to know what places are energetically supported and sound and cozy for you. And places that you might have a little more resistance, or places that feel more expansive, or maybe more challenging.

Because I always say to go toward that if you're feeling like you want to challenge. Some people really heat up in those places, right? Very, very interesting. I always look at the transits to see what's happening and things like that. I mean, again, I just love to use every single little geeky facet of Astrology to… I don't let it run my life, but I definitely let it give me a little tap on the shoulder if I need some support.

Victoria: That's so lovely. Nepal, that's bananas.

Steffi: I'm just channeling in and seeing you going there for quite a bit of time and just getting crazy divine downloads. And taking pictures for social media, because there's also a line over there that's good. That's a fun, sexy energy, you know?

Victoria: Wow. Interesting. We were just talking this morning, after meditating, about how much we would really like a nice long meditation retreat.

Steffi: I mean, yeah, if you want to do something a little closer, Costa Rica, Ecuador are really nice for you too, especially on that Jupiter line. Because when you're on a Jupiter line, you can see what's possible and it just makes you feel hopeful for the future. Also, you have solid places. I mean, you can go to Spain, you can go to Costa Rica, New Orleans.

I mean goodness, I'm jealous of your lines, but also, I'm happy that you naturally and intuitively, because you're so spot on and you listen to your body, that you've already been to these places, and you've been thinking about them. Now, we know it's true, right? We don't need any more validation than this.

Victoria: Yeah, no, I love it. I was literally figuring out how I could move to Spain. As an Ibero-American I only have to live there for two years, and then I get EU citizenship.

Steffi: Wait, I mean, I don’t hate this idea.

Victoria: Come on. I've had way worse ideas. Let's be real.

Steffi: I was just in Madrid last year. It’s on my Neptune line, actually. It was so dreamy. I could live here forever. Neptune lines, what line you're on right now, it's such a cozy energy. But I digress. I would love for you to let me know how you feel in these places after you’ve traveled.

Victoria: Oh, yeah. I absolutely will. That'd be so fun. Be so fun. Yeah.

Steffi: And look out for the retreats everywhere you see. It’s going to be great.

Victoria: I’m so grateful. So fun. Oh, my goodness. This is so special. My cheeks hurt; I’ve been smiling so hard. I'm so happy. We’re both like, a challenge. Yay.

Steffi: It's so exciting. I'm happy to bring you that joy. But also, I'm really excited for you to travel and to feel those energies.

Victoria: Yeah, me too. Me too.

Steffi: Maybe, if you wanted to, as early as today goes listen to Jazz from a New Orleans artist. Think about it. We were feeling that when we first popped on. I feel like it would just energize you, that sunlight there.

Victoria: Oh, I love that. I love that. Okay. I'm super drawn to Kirtan and have been for years. It's often how I start my day. That sounds like that makes sense.

Steffi: Yes, absolutely. It's so written in the stars. It's right here. It's the information I'm looking at. It's so rad.

Victoria: I love that because there's no way you could know that I often start the day with some Krishna Das, rocking out with some Krishna Das in the morning. It's a big thing we do around here. And then, the Tibetan Buddhists and I go sit and meditate.

Steffi: I did not know that.

Victoria: It's such a blast.

Steffi: It's so cool how energetically perfect what you're already doing is aligning with who you are, what you're meant to do, and what you're here to do; everything. And I mean, this was really a treat for me. And I just love this so much. And I know it's a lot. It's a little overwhelming. I'm glad you took notes on your tiniest little note pad. It's literally the size of your fingernail.

Victoria: I'm going to put a poster, if you are listening, and you want to see how ridiculous I am. Hop over Victoria Albina Wellness on Instagram. I was going to put a picture up there. It's going to be a good time.

Steffi: Absolutely. I'm glad we have it recorded and you can always reach out to me with questions. But of course, I'm glad we have it somewhere in the ether that you can listen back. [Crosstalk].

Victoria: So funny. Tiny ridiculous notes, at times. Thank you so much. Would you be so kind as to tell the good people how they can get a reading with you, how they can work with you, and about your amazing podcast?

Steffi: Yes, yes, yes, yes. You came on my podcast and it's been so well received and people are obsessed with you, which I knew they would be, with all that juicy Leo energy in your chart. Yes. My podcast is called the Psychic Scoop podcast. You can also find me on Instagram @Spirit_SIS or TikTok @spiritsis, or my website is

Also, for your listeners, I do have a few courses if they want to learn how to read birth charts, or if they want to do an intuition course. For your listeners, 20% off with the code “fan 20”

Victoria: Oh, that's amazing. Thank you so much for that. That's a very generous.

Steffi: You are so welcome. I mean, I'm just excited to be here and for us to connect. I want everyone to geek out on this information too, and have it  help them and support them in whatever way it can.

Victoria: I love it. I love it. Well, thank you so, so much.

Steffi: You're so, so welcome. You're such a special person and I'm happy we got to connect again, and we'll just be running these retreats in the next couple of years.

Victoria: Can't even wait. See you in Thailand.

Steffi: Perfect. See you all in Thailand.

Victoria: Yes! Done.

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