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Feeling Your Feels: Listen to Your Body

feeling your feels

It is vital, grounding, and empowering for us to feel our feelings in our bodies. A feeling is an emotional state, a reaction. In the thought work protocol we use, we recognize that our thoughts create our feelings, and we work with each feeling as a single word. Bored, angry, frustrated, happy, calm, peaceful, annoyed,…

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Co-regulation is a vital human function.⁣⁠⁣ ⁣ Co-regulation happens when our autonomic nervous systems attune to another person, and there is an energetic exchange that helps both creatures to get into ventral vagal, to feel safe, secure and grounded in the moment.⁣⁠⁣ ⁣⁠⁣ I say creatures because while most of us think of this as…

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Hypothyroid Is a Feminist Issue

Hypothyroid is a feminist issue

. As a functional medicine practitioner, I work with so many people who are beyond fatigued. Perhaps your energy is low, your zest for life is waning. Your memory feels less than dependable, brain fog is a daily drain. You’ve been to your primary care provider, maybe even endocrinologist and were told that everything was…

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Hack Your Vagus Nerve to Feel Better: 14 Easy Ways

Hack your Vagus Nerve

For folks with symptoms ranging from fatigue to depression and anxiety. Digestive issues from IBS to SIBO to IBD. Brain fog and even food sensitivities, the Vagus Nerve almost always plays an important role in both sickness and healing, and needs to be supported so you can truly and deeply heal. What is the vagus…

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