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Resolutions, Regrets & Commitment

We can use resolutions as a buffer against our regret around what we didn’t accomplish in the last year without pausing to ask ourselves why we didn’t meet our goals or to process our emotions about the decisions we made (like if we made them from self-hate like weight loss goals). What we need instead…

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Action: Why You Do the Things You Do

action why we do the things we do

Think, feel, act. It’s what we do as humans. Once you really understand this cycle, you can use this tool, think-feel-act, to not only understand why you do what you do, but to get in touch with the thoughts and feelings that lead you to take action for your own life. If you want: More…

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New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

Failing to follow through on a New Year’s Resolution may be a near universal experience. Who among us hasn’t set some lofty goal on January 1st only to find that we have slipped into our old habits by mid-March? Apparently, all the cute gym clothes and good intentions in the world aren’t enough to transform…

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