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Your Future Self

The concept of the future self is the version of yourself that is yet to be. We all talk about our future self all the time, but in this unintentional way. “Next week, I’m going to… In a month, when we go on vacation… When I graduate my PhD, I will… Someday, when they change,…

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Loving Your Past Self, Living with Compassion

loving your past self

Let’s delve into the concept of our past self when we start to learn to live in a new way. While it’s possible to ditch our old codependent, perfectionist, and people pleasing thought habits—it’s super common to get really down on ourselves during the process. We beat ourselves up when we learn new things, new…

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How to Shift Your Experience of Resistance (Pt 2)

How to Shift Your Experience of Resistance

Often, in the #spiritual and wellness worlds, the term “resistance” is used as a way to blame and often shame folks when our nervous system says no, while our brains say, “Sure, yeah, okay, I’ll do that.” This resistance comes up when we want to make new thought work stick. When we want to start…

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Understanding the Energy of Resistance (Part 1)

Understanding the Energy of Resistance

The folks in Anchored bring the term “resistance” up all the time, when we’re working with our inner children, our protector parts, or are doing somatic or body-based practices. Early on in our time together—this kind of language doesn’t last long, don’t worry. I hear them say things like, “I’m feeling stuck. I have resistance…

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Polyvagal 101: Get to Know Your Nervous System

Your nervous system and its regulation and dysregulation can be mysterious buck luckily we love a helpful nerd alert around here. Let’s go over what polyvagal theory is, why we care, how it impacts our lives, and how it can be an important vessel for getting to know ourselves better.  Polyvagal theory, as we think…

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Showing Up For Your Nervous System In Tragedy

how to show up for your nervous system in times of tragedy

I’m not here to talk about a specific tragedy, but rather to talk about how we think about process, and sit with this level of grief, this level of tragedy. It starts with this: The purpose of thought-work is not to make us feel better. The purpose of thought-work is not to ignore what’s happening,…

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Rescuing vs. Supporting

rescuing vs supporting

A key component of codependent thinking is the misguided belief that it is our job to rescue others. We’ll dive into the trope of the rescuer. Why and how we do it and what we can do instead of rescuing, which is to be supportive to the people we love. Codependent thinking is this really…

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Do I Stay or Do I Go in This Relationship? (Part 2)

Although I don’t have a crystal ball, and therefore can’t tell you whether to leave your relationship or not—what I can do is give you some information on the science behind relationships and attachment, can ask questions to spark some good old-fashioned self-reflection and can send you lots of self-love and self-trust energy as you…

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Regret is Self-Abandonment

regret is self abandonment

Regret is to feel sorry, disappointed, distressed or remorseful about the past. To remember with a feeling of loss or sorrow. To mourn. Well jeez, that’s dire. Regret is some heavy business. When we are living in regret, we are abandoning ourselves.  We are abandoning and exiling the version of us that made those decisions.…

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