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Why Wishing Is Not Enough: Shift from Wishing to Acting

why wishing isn't enough

How often do you find yourself saying, “I wish things were different?” Have you ever stopped to contemplate the effect of all that wishing thinking on your day-to-day life, how it takes you out of the present, and that wishing becomes the action you’re taking? I’ve been paying a lot of attention to this language…

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The Next Right Thing: Take Courageous Action

take courageous action

In order to make your wildest dreams come true, you get to learn how to face your fears, understand that failure is perfect, natural, normal, and a thing to get really good at doing and feeling. Then you get to do the next right thing. Turning that to-do list into action by embracing fear and…

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Feeling Your Feels: Listen to Your Body

feeling your feels

It is vital, grounding, and empowering for us to feel our feelings in our bodies. A feeling is an emotional state, a reaction. In the thought work protocol we use, we recognize that our thoughts create our feelings, and we work with each feeling as a single word. Bored, angry, frustrated, happy, calm, peaceful, annoyed,…

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How to Bring Awareness to Your Thoughts

bring awareness to your thoughts

The thought work protocol is how we put the think-feel-act cycle into action to change our lives. The think-feel-act cycle is based in neuroscience, cognitive behavioral and somatic theories. This protocol is applicable to literally everything in this beautiful life and has been a vital part of my healing my mind, body, and spirit. Once you…

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Wanting a Goal vs. Wanting a Feeling

wanting a goal vs. wanting a feeling

The kind of thinking, “I’ll be happy when,” can be so problematic because of what it does to the now. It takes us out of this present moment, our present feeling. It posits the thought error that you will feel something different when your circumstances change. It’s disempowering and leads to so much suffering now…

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Thought Work 101: A How-To Guide

thought work 101

The Thought Work Protocol is a framework I use in my coaching practice. It’s based in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a top-down approach to understanding how humans operate in the world. With my clients I pair this top-down, brain-to-body framework with a somatic, body-based approach.  Our nervous system runs the show too, our habitual experience of life…

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Boundaries and the Holidays: Notice Your Internal Limit

boundaries and internal limits

Holidays with family can be quite challenging, particularly if you’re on a path of healing, of finding self-love, of figuring out how to support your inner child and reparent yourself, if you’re learning how to deeply attend to your own self-care as an adult in the world. Being with family can be complex, for sure,…

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Action: Why You Do the Things You Do

action why we do the things we do

Think, feel, act. It’s what we do as humans. Once you really understand this cycle, you can use this tool, think-feel-act, to not only understand why you do what you do, but to get in touch with the thoughts and feelings that lead you to take action for your own life. If you want: More…

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Learn How to Give Emotional Consent

giving emotional consent

Emotional consent is when we check in with the folks we love before responding to their stories, concerns or fears.  That allows us to show up in the most loving and respectful way possible. This is the flipside of asking for consent before we respond to others. We can also ask for what we need…

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Courageous Action: How to Find Your Courage


Courage. It takes courage to look at your life and to say, “I want to do this thing differently,” and to then take the steps needed to get you there. Because without taking new actions, how can you live the life of your dreams? Same old thoughts, same old feels, same old actions, same old…

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