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A life that is not weighed down by anxiety, worry, and exhaustion IS POSSIBLE.

Right now, you may be wondering if coaching is going to get you to where you need to be.

You’re wondering if being unstuck is in the cards for you.

The life you seek can go from question mark to reality.

And I can help you find that life within yourself.


I have a deep belief in you and your power to change the disappointing, destructive, self-sabotaging patterns that keep you from the life you want, starting with your thinking.

With empathy, understanding and all I've learned in 20 years in health & wellness I will teach you how to...

  • Get from stuck and unmotivated to taking action.
  • Have healthy relationships with yourself and the people in your world.
  • Find peace with the past so you can build an intentional, joyful future.
  • Rediscover and engage with your passions.
  • Identify patterns and behaviors that leave you feeling stressed, fatigued, sad or at a loss for what else to do differently.
  • Fully step into the power that’s been hiding away inside you.

As a Life Coach and Nurse Practitioner, I dive deep, asking efficient (and nerdy!) questions and engaging in intentional, dedicated listening.


As a Life Coach and Nurse Practitioner, I dive deep, asking smart and nerdy questions and engaging in intentional, dedicated listening.

With over a decade of training and experience in counseling and coaching, I engage with the stories behind that feeling of being stuck in life, work, love.

I help you reconnect with or find that spark of passion in your life, to identify the thought patterns that serve you and say a long-time coming GOODBYE to those that hold you back.

I believe that we each have the ability to live as we dream, no matter what difficulties life has presented.

At this moment, you may be asking yourself how you can shake all of this anxiety and codependency?

We start with the story behind it all, the narrative you’ve learned to use to define yourself and your life, and move the ripple of life-changing out to your health, job, nutrition, relationships with others and most importantly, your relationship with yourself. 

Our work together will give you the support and attention we all need, and crave, to do the hard work of getting our lives on track.

Victoria Albina offers you a cup of healing

My promise to you through all of this: You will have the undivided attention of a trained and experienced professional who has your absolute best interest in mind, who has no agenda other than lifting you up towards your own goals.


I’ll be with you every step of the way.


No guilt.


No shame.


No judgment.


Just love, understanding, kindness, accountability, thoughtful challenging questions, and some darn good coaching.


If you’re ready to shake your life up and deal with what is holding you back, to get unstuck, to move, to think and feel in a way that serves you, I’m the coach for you.

The only way to work with me is in my 6-Month Coaching Program: The Feminist Wellness Guide to Overcoming Codependency - learn more here and apply to join us in 2021!