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If you’re ready to break away from anxiety and codependent relationships so you can have a life full of joy and confidence, you're in the right place.

Hello Hello My Love!

Darlin, it’s time to reconnect with or find that spark of passion in your life, to identify the thought patterns that serve you and say a long-time coming goodbye to those that hold you back.

A life that is not weighed down by anxiety, worry, and exhaustion is possible.

You’ve put others before yourself for a reason, and it’s not because you love them. Even though you do!

You're frustrated with your lack of motivation and you feel stuck.

Or you’re so busybusybusy doing a thousand things, and you feel like you never have time to take care of you in a deep way because you’re so busy taking care of everyone else.

You know you need out of this, but you don’t know how.

You need an expert guide who has been where you stand: I'm the gal for you.

Keep reading to learn how you can get my support for 6-months through my high-touch life coaching program: Overcoming Codependency.

We are accepting applications now for 4/5/21!

Take a moment to fill out the short form below and we'll be in touch to offer you a video call with Victoria to talk about the program, to see if you're a good fit (and if its a good fit for you!) and to talk about the cost, etc. in the coming months!

Let Me Ask You...

Do you every ask yourself why?

  • Why do you feel anxious about making decisions or putting yourself out there?
  • Why does your belly always hurt?
  • Why no one else takes care of you as you take care of them?
  • Why does no one truly understand you?
  • Why do you feel so alone, in a relationship or a room full of people?
  • Why can't you trust your own decisions in your life?

And you've probably though to yourself...

I keep choosing the same situations that never work out, and the same people who don’t give me what I need while I give them everything. How can I trust anything I do?

I am so scared of the future, but can’t stop thinking about the past. I’m so stuck, how do I get out of this and just be happy!?

Why do I always date the wrong person? It is me? Am I broken?


You're Not Broken, You're Ready for More.

More joy, more health, more power.


You’ve given every ounce of energy to everyone other than yourself and you don’t know why.

You’ve stopped to look at where you are in your life and the guilt and shame have fully set it.

Your life is so full of anxiety you're stuck in those oh so familiar self-destructing cycles.

Cycles that Make You...

  • Cringe when your mom texts.
  • Panic when your boss asks to talk with you.
  • Guilt yourself for taking care of you.
  • Pick fights because you don’t know how else to feel heard.
  • Numb your feelings with TV.

If so, it’s time to...

Ditch those self-destructive patterns that no longer serve you and live a life that isn’t weighed down by anxiety, worry, and exhaustion.

What I want you to realize, and celebrate, is that your brain and my body aren’t the problems: they are the answer.

The answer to waking up every morning with a restored faith in your decisions, the power to take many moments for yourself, and the flowing focus on what brings you joy in life. The answer to stop being on edge and worrying about everything but the present. 

The answer to a life that’s rooted in self-love, and that blooms into health and joy.

Are you ready to take back your body, your mind, and control of your life?

The April 5th, 2021 group course is filling up fast!

Complete the short form below to apply for the program and we'll be in touch to schedule your complimentary call with Victoria!

Here's the deal, love.

By learning how to retrain my mind and my body,

  • My thoughts create my feelings, which means I can choose my feelings.
  • That I can retrain my brain using the power of neuroplasticity to believe new things.
  • I am not stuck. And neither are you.
  • I am not broken. And neither are you.
  • I am my own best medicine. And so are you.
  • I have the power to heal my mind, body, and spirit. And so do you.

I have a deep belief in you and your power to change the disappointing, destructive, self-sabotaging patterns that keep you from the life you want, starting with your thinking.

Because you’ve read all the self-help books people rave about.

You’ve meditated, you’ve created that morning routine that makes people “successful”, and you’ve stuck with talk therapy through thick and thin. But you’re still feeling frustrated, scared or anxious.


You’re here because you need your life to change, but you don’t know where to start. You can live your life on your own terms, and I’m here to show you how.

With Empathy and Understanding, I'll help you...

  • Get from stuck and unmotivated to taking action.
  • Rediscover and engage with your passions.
  • Identify patterns and behaviors that leave you feeling stressed, fatigued, sad or at a loss for what else to do differently.
  • Fully step into the power that’s been hiding away inside you.
  • Break the cycle of codependent thinking so you don’t hand it down to your children.

To live with radical, unapologetic,
ever-present, self-love.

Ready to change your life? Ready to take back your power?

Fill out this short form to get on the list for a call with Victoria to talk all about the program, costs, benefits, etc!

The big aha moments and life changes happen where science and the sacred meet. Together, we’ll study your feelings AND your nervous system, I’ll give you meditations AND practices rooted in evidence-based neuroscience, and I’ll guide you through a somatic healing process to help your mind and body become calm, clear and connected.

As a licensed and Board Certified Nurse Practitioner with a Masters in Public Health, Certified Life Coach and Breathwork Meditation Facilitator, my approach is a holistic hybrid of healing. All the nerditry + all the woo. Because they both matter, and they both have so much to teach us, so you can change your habitual responses to recognize your capacity for true self-love and can make choices that empower a life on your own terms.

And for you, life on your terms might look something like this:

  • Not cringing when your mom texts.
  • Stop panicking when your boss asks to talk with you.
  • Guilting yourself for taking care of you is a thing of the past.
  • To set smart boundaries with partners, friends, family and at work - without guilt.
  • To learn to listen to your body’s signals and to know exactly what you want and need - and to drop the shame around giving it to yourself.
  • To stop suffering by repeating your unintentional thoughts like they’re gospel.
  • To stop picking fights because you don’t know how else to feel heard.
  • To trust your gut feeling because you’ve done the challenging work of clearing other people’s thoughts about your life out of your head, heart and gut.
  • To no longer try to control others because you know the one thing that you can control is your own mind, and that only you get to choose your thoughts and feelings.
  • To no longer seek to numb your feelings with TV.
  • To live with radical, unapologetic, ever-present self-love.

If you want to live life on your own terms, fill out the short form below to get on the list for a complimentary call with Victoria to talk more about the class starting on April 5, 2021. How fun!

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Your guide to get from anxious and stuck to, confidently, enough.

Because you’re sick of slapping a band-aid on your codependence and a mantra on your anxiety. You’re ready to worry less and live more, get unstuck and take action, and reclaim the power to live unapologetically for you. 

Your cup can be full and your health can be restored by the power within you.

In this 6 month, intimate online coaching group program, you will learn to trust your intuition, ditch your codependency, and manage your mind so you can flow through life knowing that no one can take your health and joy away from you. Not even you.

You know in your heart and mind that you’re smart, capable, and guided by Feminist ideals of equality and confidence, but you need someone with you to show you have to use that power to transform the relationships with your parents, partners and most importantly: with yourself.

Quit struggling to put the pieces together from all the self-help books, and reclaim your power so you can restore your joy and health for life.

This is the prescription you've been searching for.

What’s inside The Feminist Wellness Guide
to Overcoming Codependency?


A weekly neuroscience and psychology-based audio lesson to teach you how to ditch old patterns and create new ones that serve you, so you can live a life you love.


A weekly live coaching call to empower your journey and go from figuring it out on your own to knowing exactly what to do to shake your anxiety and codependency.


A virtual community where we can dive into the work together - healing is a collective process! Here you can get coached by me every single weekday for 6 months!


Weekly handouts, journaling prompts and exercises so you can create habits that heal you and to take the learning from just something you read and can make it something you believe and feel.


A one hour virtual breathwork group each month to ground ourselves in self-love and to bring in that somatic healing that is so vital to long-lasting, life-long change.


Victoria is not just an expert life coach, breathwork guide and functional medicine practitioner. She has the expansive knowledge base and clinical experience to handle the most complex of cases, be it mental or physical health. What sets her apart from the rest is her genuine concern and respect for those she treats. I can’t express how grateful I am for her warmth, patience and understanding in her coaching of my mother. I send all my patients to her for coaching, without question. Thank you Victoria!

Anita Sadaty, MD

Functional Medicine Physician

Roslyn, NY


What can I say about Victoria? She has been a literal God-send for me. No matter what is bothering me, she has an answer, and it WORKS. She’s helped me through so much and is kind, caring, compassionate, and extremely knowledgeable. She's not just your average coach - her experienced and holistic perspective to wellbeing is a breath of fresh air in a world of pills being the cure for everything. I truly enjoy speaking to her every week. I honestly look forward to those days of the week more than any other. If you’re on the fence, please don’t hesitate! She is the best.

Emma Criswell

Marketing Expert

Columbus, Ohio


Coaching with Vic is a JOY! She’s brilliant, intuitive, supportive, and approaches her work with welcome humor.

Her work has helped me learn what habits in all arenas of my life serve me. I also love working with Vic because the human in her acknowledges the human in me–expectations are always reasonable, she meets my struggle with tenderness, and she deeply listens and takes all body weirdness seriously.

Kaitlin Malick, RN

Herbalist, Nurse, Rabble Rouser

Nashville, TN


Before I found Coach Vic I was working so hard on health, fitness and body image, and was getting no where. I was feeling really tired with it all. Coach Vic gives me exactly what I need: the perfect mix of intuitive listening, extensive medical knowledge, expertise in counseling and coaching, and her advice was perfect for me.

Our coaching work taught me how to me feel more confident right away. I learned how to deeply and truly feed myself, inside and out. I move, eat, think and feel in new ways now – and feel joyful while doing it. Victoria’s whole approach is about self-love, acceptance and telling stories that serve us, and it’s life changing.

I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend Victoria to anyone – I sent both my parents to her! She is truly a goldmine. Make that first appointment – take the chance on changing your life for the better.

Gabriella Feingold

Health Coach

Westchester, NY


And just who am I to help you?

I’m Victoria Albina, and I coach women raised by codependents and alcoholics to stop being anxious, exhausted and overwhelmed, so they can have better relationships with their partners, parents and themselves.

I am certified as a Life Coach with The Life Coach School, the best boutique program in the country and have been coaching for a decade.

I trained as a Nurse Practitioner in the best program in the US (UCSF), have a Masters Degree in Public Health, and am a certified Breathwork Meditation Healing Facilitator.

I have been in the world of health and wellness for 20 years.

I was a Primary Care Provider in busy urban clinics, practiced cutting-edge Functional Medicine for years, and I've worked in public health internationally and here in the US, and my darling, I've seen it all.

My most important credential ever is having learned how to love and accept myself as I am.

And so can you!

Our work together will give you the support and attention we all need, and crave, to do the hard work of getting our lives on track.

My promise to you through all of this: You will have the undivided attention of a trained and experienced professional who has your absolute best interest in mind, who has no agenda other than lifting you up towards your own goals.


I’ll be with you every step of the way.

No guilt.

No shame.

No judgment.

Just love, understanding, kindness, accountability, thoughtful challenging questions, and some darn good advice.

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  • A weekly lesson audio/video to ditch old patterns and create new ones that serve you and a life you love. (a $6000 value)

  • A weekly live coaching call with Victoria to empower your journey and go from figuring it out on your own to knowing exactly what to do to shake your anxiety and codependency using the science and psychology based Thought Work Protocol. 

  • A virtual community where we can dive into the work together - healing is a collective process! 

  • Somatic/bodily practices, meditations and more because the mind-body connection is vital for sustainable growth and healing.

  • Weekly prompts and exercises so you can create habits that heal you. 

  • A one hour virtual breath work group each month to ground ourselves in self-love. 

  • Coaching and support from Victoria and the community every single day for 6-months through our online portal where you can get answers to your questions, share about and discuss your a-ha moments, and get coaching every single weekday for 6-months!

If you’re ready to shake your life up and deal with what is holding you back, to get unstuck, to move, to think and feel in a way that serves you, put your information in below to get on the waitlist for the Spring 2021 class, my love!

I want to reclaim my joy and health with The Feminist Wellness ™ Guide to Codependency!