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**Please note that the clinic is temporarily closed to new patients, and we are maintaining a waitlist**

New patient appointments may not be available for 2 months or more, and life coaching client appointments are available immediately.

To be clear: You CANNOT  book a medical intake appointment with Victoria online as there are no medical intake appointments currently available.

Please email us (info@victoriaalbina.com) to gain access to our questionnaire for prospective new patients.

Victoria DOES have availability for COACHING CLIENTS. If you are interested in weekly life coaching, please contact us for more details.


Note from Victoria:

I take my work as a healer Very seriously, and give each and every person in my care 110% of my attention and focus.

I have temporarily closed my practice to new patients, and am maintaining a wait list because it is paramount that I be able to offer the same high level of care to everyone, which means not taking on more folks than I have the time for.

While it pains me deeply to not be able to take care of everyone all the time and immediately when care is needed, know that this choice to create and maintain a waitlist was done from a place of pure love and a desire to take amazing care of YOU.

Thank you in advance for your understanding!



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