Hello hello my love!

I coach women and gender-non-binary-humans all over the world who are ready to make emotional and behavioral changes in their lives, to stop reacting and start responding with greater peace, self-confidence and self-love.


Folks who are ready for this work include those who:

  • Are ready to ditch the codependency and perfectionism that have been holding them back and to learn new ways to relate to their work, their parents, their romantic and family relations, and most importantly: themselves.
  • Have read the self-help books, done the meditations, tried the everything but still feel stuck, overwhelmed, less than joyful or fulfilled.
  • Are done with struggling to live a picture-perfect life and are ready to live with authenticity and radical self-love and self-acceptance.
  • Live a life of authenticity, aligned with their values, on their own terms, not everyone else's.
  • Are ready to invest time, effort and resources in themselves and their future.
Victoria Albina, life coach

My focus is on emotional and behavioral change as the most vital, root-cause Functional Medicine.

My love, if your mindset is a hot mess, how can you expect your digestion, thyroid, energy, adrenals to work any better?

Using evidence-based, action-oriented life coaching with a hearty dose of gentleness, kindness and love I ask smart questions and help you to see the inner workings of your mind so you can make sustainable, life-long changes so you can live with intention.


I am currently working with folks through my 6-month online group program The Feminist Wellness Guide to Overcoming Codependency, and no longer provide one-on-one coaching.


Learn all about the program here and apply for a spot in the January 2021 cohort now.


My team will review your application and will reach out to book a call with you if the program sounds like the right fit for you, and vice-versa.


On our introductory call I'll help you get a holistic view of your life, what's working and what isn't, we'll talk about how I can support you on your journey, how I work, rates, etc on that call - it's always a beautiful experience and such a great way to connect.


Note that insurance does not generally cover life coaching, so if that's something that matters for you, please do check with your insurance/HR *before* our session. Note that I no longer order labs, prescribe, etc. I offer life-changing life-coaching for next-level wellness.


Looking forward to meeting you, my darling!

To schedule a follow up session with Victoria click here.

If you have previously worked with Victoria in a medical capacity, reach out to the team at info@victoriaalbina.com before booking please. Thank you!


Dr. Jules Netherland

I’ve been working with Victoria Albina for over four years and have seen a complete transformation in my health: body, mind, spirit. I’m so grateful to have Victoria in my life.

Her approach works because she listens without judgement, helps you set goals and develop totally do-able, incremental steps to achieve them. Her kindness, humor, commitment, and support have helped get me “unstuck” and improve my life in ways that I didn’t think were possible.

If you are looking for help to make change in your life, I can’t recommend Victoria highly enough. Vic is  the perfect combination of wise, nerdy, irreverent, relentlessly optimistic, challenging and supportive. And her humor and politics seal the deal for me.

Gabriella Feingold CircleBefore I found Coach Vic I was working so hard on health, fitness and body image, and was getting no where. I was feeling really tired with it all. Coach Vic gives me exactly what I need: the perfect mix of intuitive listening, extensive medical knowledge, expertise in counseling and coaching, and her nutrition advice was perfect for me.

Our coaching work taught me how to me feel more confident right away. I learned how to deeply and truly feed  myself, inside and out. I move, eat, thinkand feel in new ways now – and feel joyful while doing it. Victoria’s whole approach is about self-love, acceptance and telling stories that serve us, and it’s life changing.

I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend Victoria to anyone – I sent both my parents to her! She is truly a goldmine. Make that first appointment – take the chance on changing your life for the better.