Hello Hello My Love

I'm so glad you're here to download your free meditations and Thought Work Protocol Handout to help you connect inward to calm and soothe your perfect mind, body, and spirit.

These tools will bring you more awareness of your own inner workings, so you can break free of codependency and live life with intention, freedom and self-love.

Here are a few of the meditations you'll receive

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Boundaries Meditation

Boundaries are a vital part of a healthy life. When you can feel your own limits and can set and hold your own boundaries, you approach the world with love, releasing your desire to control others. Me first, you second, with love.

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Nervous System Calming

A simple orienting practice to help you calm and soothe your Autonomic Nervous System when you feel activated or revved up, anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed

Victoria Albina Life Coach

Grounding in Your Body

Connecting in with your body is a gift you can give yourself, each and every day. When you know how to connect inward and have awareness of the sensations in your body, you can start to live your most intentional life.


Calming Body Scan

A beautiful and simple somatic tool to help you get back in your body and to calm your perfect nervous system