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Ready to make lasting change? Here's how you can work with me:

I coach women raised by codependents and alcoholics to release the anxiety, stress and overwhelm so you can can have better relationships at home, work and most importantly: with yourself!

I'll help you get Unstuck and take your life and health back!

Breathwork Journey Meditation is a transformational, and often psychedelic practice that helps you transform your health and wellness through the power of your own breath.

Join me for a session in NYC or online in the comfort of your own home.

Reclaim your story about your past, present and future while calming your nervous system and releasing stuck energy.

You are your own best medicine.

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Victoria changed my life. I came in for a cough, and left with a deep connection with someone who would help me through a difficult time in my life.

She truly cares about me, and was passionate about helping me. Thank you, Victoria!


Victoria Albina has literally changed my life. I saw dozens of doctors who attributed my weakness, body aches, fatigue, and dysmenorrhea to “depression” or a basic cold virus. After years of “normal” blood work results, surgery, ultrasounds, and biopsies, I was lucky enough to meet Victoria, who diagnosed my MTHFR and GI concerns.

Within days of beginning to take the correct vitamins and supplements, I began to actually feel better for the first time in years. Years later, I am grateful to continue healing, working with Vic as a partner in health.


Victoria Albina not only changed my life but also saved my life. Victoria has to be one of the most intelligent people I have ever met, and I’ve met hundreds of healthcare professionals in my work and life.

Victoria treats you like a real person, giving you true direction. She says what she knows and what she means – she is direct and I appreciate it deeply. She is the perfect mix of a healer, healthcare professional, and ancient medical guru. We talk about emotions, yoga, herbs, probiotics, diet, and more.

I am very grateful for meeting such an amazing person and love working with her.


I am so excited to be working with Victoria Albina. Her methodology is life changing. I feel really supported in this process. She brings a breadth of expertise to the table with zero judgement.

I really appreciate her manner. She takes the time to get to know you, and explain every step of the process.

She really explores all the symptoms and works exceptionally hard to find the root cause and guide you on your journey to a fully nourished, healthy life without judgement.

Highly recommended.