Live Your Best Life Package

When I healed my digestion, depression, fatigue and anxiety, there was no one silver bullet. To get to the amazing health I’m so grateful for today took the best of advanced functional medicine, ancient herbal and botanical knowledge, and a lot work on the thoughts I was having. I worked with naturopathic providers, gastroenterologists from coast to coast, and finally found the coach who helped me change my life.

I’m here today to help you heal because I’ve been where you stand, and I know how to help you feel your best.

It is my life’s passion to heal your gut, depression, thyroid, or fatigue, and to shift your thinking about the life you’re living. With all we now know about the gut micro biome, we have ever more proof that most, if not all, of our health concerns have their root in the Gut. I also know from my own story, that healing my gut was not just about changing my diet, getting rid of the nasty bugs (I had blastocysts hominiis and SIBO, small intestine bacterial overgrowth), and adding in friendly bugs with pre- and probiotics, it was about realizing that my experience of my life comes from my thoughts, which lead to my feelings.

Whether you are struggling with digestion issues, anxiety and depression, chronic pain, or some other issue, long-term health and happiness are found by addressing both the physiological and emotional issues underlying the problem. Unlike most medical practitioners, my approach isn’t about just managing symptoms, but about taking a truly holistic approach to address the root cause of illness, anxiety, fatigue, digestive concerns and the things that weigh on so many of us, so you can truly live your best life.

Anyone who has made a New Year’s resolution (and likely quit a month in…) knows that making lasting change can be hard. That’s why I recommend combining holistic/functional medicine with counseling work.

Through life coaching, we take a deeper look at the thoughts and patterns of behaviors that may get in the way of building the habits that will make you feel great over the long haul. It can be hard to see these patterns on your own, and I’m trained to help identify them and work with you to craft individualized, practical solutions to help shift the way you think, the way you feel, and the way you act.

The solutions we generate together are tailored, not only to your specific health concerns, but also to your lifestyle. That is to say: no crazy juice fasts, no crash diets or impractical routines, no “telling you to see the positive” when that’s not what feels real to you. I’m practical, reasonable, and craft health and wellness plans that reflect this, truly.

  • We’ll start with a comprehensive medical assessment, including lab testing to identify the underlying physiological issues that may have you feeling less than optimal.
  • Having crafted an individualized treatment plan, we’ll do some intensive work on figuring out how nutrition might be affecting both your emotional and physical health.
  • Through our life coaching work together, we’ll begin to unravel the stories that you are telling yourself about your health and start build new patterns of thinking and acting that will help heal the entirety of who you are and set you on the path for living your best life.I’ve done this work long enough to know each of us has a different body and different needs, so this package is designed to give you a unique and personally tailored combination of functional medicine, life coaching, and nutritional counseling and support.

What you’ll get:

    • A comprehensive (90 minute) medical intake and assessment in person in NYC
    • Two follow-up medical visits, including a personalized treatment protocol, which can be completed in person or over video
    • Testing and lab work
    • Twelve 50-minute, weekly coaching sessions, completed virtually, for greater convenience
    • Individualized supplement plan with 10% off all supplements
    • Individualized nutrition planning, including guidance and support for an elimination challenge diet to detect food sensitivities, blood sugar rebalancing, and a paleo-based nutrition reset
    • Individualized meal plans and recipes

I’ve seen the best results when people commit to working on their physical and emotional health at the same time. The reason is simple: our bodies, our thoughts, and our feelings are inextricably linked. We can’t truly heal one without healing the other. I’ll show you how to do both.

Click here to book your complimentary 20 minute session to talk about your needs, to see if we’re the right fit for this work, and to get you back on the road to your best health and wellness, for your whole perfect self.


NOTE: The intake visit must be in person, but subsequent visits can be via video. While the costs of testing and lab work are not included, most insurance covers these. I never add a mark up for my analysis and assessment.