Ep #40: Failing on Purpose

Last week, we talked about failure and how it ties into the concept of true self-care and self-love. On the podcast today, I’m going to be continuing on this topic of failure in a way you might not have considered before – reveling in it and going for it all-in, despite the fear that holds…
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Ep #39: Failure

I’m diving into the concept of failure today, all within the continued context of self-care and the think-feel-act cycle we’ve been discussing over the last few weeks. In our culture, failure is often taught to us as something to avoid if you want to succeed; so I see you, if you’re scared of failing and…
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Ep #38: Courageous Action

How do you live the life of your dreams? This is what we all want, isn’t it? We also want it to be easy, but the truth is it takes some bold new actions to change the course of your life to what you dream about your future self having. We’ve been exploring the think-feel-act…
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Ep #37: Action

As we close up this series on the think-feel-act cycle, I’m addressing the last aspect today; action. If you’ve been listening to the last couple of episodes, you’ll know that the greatest act of self-care available to you is to learn how to manage your mind. Awareness is key in practicing this concept that you…
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Ep #36: Feeling

In our conversation about self-care, I introduced you to the think-feel-act cycle last week and the importance of thinking about your thinking to evaluate and understand them better. Today, we’re diving into the second part of this cycle; feeling. It’s vital to understand how our feelings play a part in our results and in going…
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Ep #35: Thinking

Last week, we talked about the importance of showing up for your self-care from a loving place. I’ve had many clients in the past who show up saying they want to lose 10 pounds. We work together and they lose that weight. But then their target weight drops another five pounds, and the cycle goes…
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