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Empowering wellness advice with a lot of science and a lot of heart.

If you’re stuck in an emotional pattern and feel like you can’t get free, if you’re still feeling frustrated, scared or anxious, despite all the self-help books you’ve read...this is the podcast for you. The Feminist Wellness podcast offers practical tools and advice to reconnect with that spark of passion in your life, to identify the thought patterns that serve you, and to say a long-time coming goodbye to the ones that hold you back.

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Ep #7: Fatigue – Adrenal Edition

It’s so common these days to hear people talk about feeling constantly exhausted, overwhelmed, and stressed. Many of our modern “conveniences” – screens, electric lights, grab-and-go foods – contribute to these feelings. And for some of us, the daily stresses of just surviving can make us feel even more emotionally and physically drained. Adrenal fatigue…
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Ep #6: What Other People Think of You Is None of Your Business

There’s a pretty popular saying out there that goes like this: “What other people think of you is not your business.” And while it makes total sense at a logical level, it took me a really long time to internalize that message and believe it in my bones. Like many people, I grew up in a pretty…
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Hand with a heart drawn on it indicating a person setting their boundaries

Ep #5: Boundaries

Setting boundaries isn’t a new concept but it is an often misunderstood one. Boundaries are necessary for our health as human beings, to set the limits for our own behavior in order to take care of ourselves, so I believe that it’s important to understand exactly what they are… and what they’re not. You might…
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Ep #4: Leaky Gut: How to Restore Your Gut and Improve Your Mental Health

The health of our digestive system affects literally every system in our body: our mental health, resilience when stressed, focus and attention, immune system… the list goes on and on. Our gut, after all, is our second brain. Leaky gut, when your digestion allows inflammatory molecules to pass out of the gut and into your…
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Ep #3: How to Conquer Anxiety

Anxiety is an incredibly common concern amongst us bipeds. In fact, in the early days of humankind, it was an important tool our brains used to keep us alive (think: lion = RUN!). While the majority of us no longer face those same dangers on a daily basis, our brains are now reacting to dangers…
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Ep #2: Be Your Own Watcher

Alright, friends, let’s get into the good stuff. Today, I’m talking about mindfulness. Now, I’m not teaching you everything you need to know about mindfulness on this one episode. That’s impossible. But what I am going to do is help you build a strong foundation upon which we’ll build throughout this podcast. Mindfulness is about…
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