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Empowering wellness advice with a lot of science and a lot of heart.

If you’re stuck in an emotional pattern and feel like you can’t get free, if you’re still feeling frustrated, scared or anxious, despite all the self-help books you’ve read...this is the podcast for you.

The Feminist Wellness podcast offers practical tools and advice to reconnect with that spark of passion in your life, to identify the thought patterns that serve you, and to say a long-time coming goodbye to the ones that hold you back.

Ep #21: You’re a Human Being Not a Human Doing

Self-care and self-love are some of today’s biggest buzzwords. These concepts, while useful at their core, have become associated with an external state: laying on a beach, unbothered by work or the rush of everyday life, soaking up nature (and maybe a fancy drink). It looks pretty nice, but this idyllic (and expensive!) depiction can…
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Ep #20: Expectations and the “How-To” Guide to Other Humans

When people don’t act just the way we want them to, it can leave us feeling frustrated or neglected and can send us down a path of negative thinking and emotions. Why? Because, consciously or not, we’ve created “how-to” guides for how those close to us should behave and we tie a lot of emotions…
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Ep #19: Coping Mechanisms and Obsessive Thoughts

When we’re young, our brains come up with certain mechanisms to help us live according to our surroundings – or to keep our younger selves safe. However, as we grow up, these coping mechanisms can become less helpful and actually damaging to our everyday lives, making us anxious or afraid of the things happening around…
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Ep #18: Negative Self-Talk

We all say things like “I’m the kind of person who ____” and we fill in the blank with negative attributes like “doesn’t work out” or “could never eat less sugar.” We have this idea of ourselves in our heads and think that those traits are set in stone. In reality, they are not fixed…
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Ep #17: Stress Response Cycle

We live in high-stress times and we feel it coming from all sides––work, friends, family, politics… it can often feel like its building up in our bodies until we want to burst. A not-so-fun fact: Stress contributes to millions of deaths a year, even though it is largely preventable. On today’s show, we’re talking about…
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Ep #16: You Don’t Have To (You Get To)

We all get bogged down by the feeling that we HAVE to do things and it demotivates us to get them done. Whether it is cutting out coffee or cleaning the house, feeling the external pressure to do something makes it difficult to feel like you want to do it. However, we always have the…
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