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A Virtual Hands-on, Two-Day Workshop To Cultivate A More Loving Relationship With Yourself, Your Inner Children & Your Most Loving Inner Adult

Saturday March 26th and Sunday March 27th, 2022

10 am - 6 pm EST each day

$497 exchange


This workshop will use Somatic Practices, Breathwork and Thought Work.


The workshop is open to former and current members of Anchored (my 6-month program), LCS coaches and those otherwise fluent in using the Thought Work Model/Protocol.


When we grow up walking on eggshells, living with codependent, perfectionist and people-pleasing habits, our sense of self can get so Other-People-Focused that we lose touch with ourselves on every level.

And as actual-children we learn that it's smarter, safer, better, wiser to Not be our authentic selves...

And so we act out the roles that we believed would keep us safe at home and in the world:

  • The Good Girl
  • The A+ Girl
  • The Gold Star Girl
  • The Thin Girl
  • The Quiet Nerdy Girl
  • The Joker or the Clown
  • The Rebel
  • The Giver, The Helper, The Saint...


And that little-you version of you lives on within you as your inner child, impacting your sense of self, your relationships, your career choices, your reactions to life...


Here's the most important thing I've learned over my decades of experience practicing many different healing modalities:

Our inner children hold the key to unlocking the joy, success, contentment, and happiness that we're always seeking.

MV and Bichi

Until you heal and rebuild your relationship with your inner child, you will continue to struggle with confidence, peace, success, fulfillment, your partner, your parents, and judgement of the self and others.

Until you work with your inner child to feel safe, you will struggle with trust and feeling at peace in your life, regardless of how stable it may be.

Until you work with your inner child to feel unconditionally loved, you will struggle with jealousy, intimacy, vulnerability, connection, and communication.

Until you work with your inner child to feel heard and seen, you will struggle with resentment of others, people-pleasing behaviors sticking around even after years of therapy, and listening without defensiveness in conversations or conflicts.

connect to your inner children & give them the love they need

When you are present with your inner children, you are able to ground yourself in new ways, to stay conscious, intentional, connected to your intuition, and you are able to pause to intervene and to advocate for yourself in real-time to help you:

Identify the places where you can strengthen your relationship with your inner child

Get clear about a plan for healing your relationship with your inner child

Achieve proficiency in listening to & speaking with your inner children

Know the ins & outs--the HOW--of working with your nervous system and your body to create the safest & healthiest environment possible where your inner child can thrive

Know how to work with your inner child when you feel triggered, threatened, or lost

Walk away as a more confident, joyous, wise, peaceful, & abundant adult human

Tune Into Your Inner Children, Tune Into Self-Love:

A hands-on, somatics and thought-work workshop to cultivate a loving relationship yourself

Saturday March 26th and Sunday March 27th, 2022

10 am - 6 pm EST each day

$497 exchange

In this 2-day workshop with Victoria Albina, NP, MPH, Holistic Nurse Practitioner, Life Coach and host of the Feminist Wellness podcast Victoria will teach you hands-on practical ways to cultivate a loving relationship with yourself by getting to know your own perfect mind and body through the lens of your Inner Children.

You will get


  • 2 full days of play, practice, siblinghood, opening up to experiencing and embodying joy.


  • Breakthroughs in areas where you've felt "mysteriously stuck" even though you've tried everything (the relationship with the inner child is often the last stone to unturn)


  • Deepening skills and practical knowledge of how to heal your relationship with your inner children (& an understanding of why that matters in your own life)


  • Higher level information regarding working with your nervous system to heal from the inside out


  • Self-reflection tools and guided support so you can get feedback on  questions or concerns that come up during the workshop


  • Master coaching on your relationship with your inner child


  • Master coaching on issues in your life that are being affected by your inner children


  • Recordings of both days


  • Welcome box full of goodies that will surprise and delight your inner children


  • Transformation that happens only with focused and sustained attention.

You will come out of this weekend with deepened self love and self knowledge because you will be held to a higher level of engagement by the group. 

This isn't a worksheet that you print out and never actually fill out or implement.

This is a 2 day deep dive of minute-by-minute guidance through a healing experience with you and your inner children.

Just who am I to help you?

Victoria Albina, NP, MPH

  • Trained as a Nurse Practitioner in the best program in the country - UCSF.

  • Certified as a Life Coach with The Life Coach School.

  • Masters Degree in Public Health.

  • Nervous System Nerd with training in the body-mind connection and somatics or body-based healing techniques.

  • Certified Breathwork Meditation Healing Facilitator

  • Worked in health and wellness for 20 years.

  • Primary Care Provider in busy urban clinics.

  • Worked in public health internationally and here in the US.

  • Practiced cutting-edge Functional Medicine.