How to Stay Healthy While You Travel!

Don't just sit there! Get moving!

I have always loved to travel. To go to sleep in one town and to wake up in another is a mind-blowing concept, and is a massive privilege I don’t take lightly. Travel is an opportunity to get some distance from my day-to-day routine, my habits at home. A time for introspection, reflection.

And as a person with an IBS history, I also know the havoc travel can create in our digestion. Raise your hand if the massive shifts in routine, food, water, exercise and air-pressure while in the sky leave you ridiculously constipated! I hear it in clinic, and I’ve lived it for sure. Flying can also take quite a toll on our immune systems and digestion.

Luckily there are some simple things that can help support your best health when traveling.

Wearing Blue Blockers on a plane is great eye protection

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