Webinar Replay: Overcoming Codependency
with Victoria Albina

Are you sick of putting other people’s needs ahead of your own?

Do you prioritize everyone else's happiness, only to find that you have no time for yourself?

Is being at home with your family leaving you feeling irritable, exhausted, revved up, or shut down?

Has a friend, family member, therapist, or trusted counselor told you that you might be codependent?

Have you tried all the meetings and self-help books, but have yet to feel the change in your life you're looking for?

Watch the recording of Victoria's webinar Overcoming Codependency, where you'll discover a new way to unlearn and overcome codependency.

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You'll learn:

  • Simple steps to make decisions for yourself, without the guilt and shame and BS
  • Science-based methods for stepping out of anxiety and replacing worry with confidence, joy, and trust in yourself
  • Techniques to help you set boundaries and actually honor them, even if it means someone isn’t pleased with you
  • How to stop worrying about what other people think about you, your life, and your decisions
  • The power of the think-feel-act cycle and thought work, a proven, science-based method that helps regulate your nervous system — so you can take back your life, body and mind
Life coach Victoria Albina in a pink jumpsuit, smiling while sitting at a table

About Victoria

Hello hello my love!

My name is Victoria Albina and I’m a certified life coach, holistic nurse practitioner, and breathwork facilitator with over 20 years of experience in health and wellness. I have helped hundreds of women to heal themselves: mind, body and spirit.

My most important credential is having healed myself from a lifetime of being sick, sad, anxious and of course: codependent. I was riddled with self-doubt, shame, guilt and put other people’s opinions above my own. I didn’t set boundaries and I didn’t know how to even start. I had wicked Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), exhausting anxiety and depression, and a boatload of adrenal yuck. And through it all, I didn’t even realize that codependent thinking was a major root cause of my physical and mental health struggles.

I thought my mind and body were the problem — I had no clue they were also the solution.

Sound familiar?

Finally, I got sick and tired of being so sick and tired and I learned how to heal myself. And I've helped so many folx to heal themselves using the methods I'll show you in this webinar.

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