Bypassing a Challenging Feelings Makes it SO Much Harder to Change

If you’re White or White-passing and you’re starting to do the work of becoming anti-racist, you may feel a sense of urgency to change your thoughts 💭.⁠

This is an attempt to create different feelings without really sitting with the painful 😖 truth.⁠

It’s called emotional bypassing ⏭️.⁠

And that simply doesn’t work and will keep you stuck in the same old thoughts, no matter how much you try to not think them 😣, to push them away, to ignore them.⁠

And I get how tempting it is to want to leapfrog 🐸 over feeling the feels, because sitting with the fact that you have implicit bias is painful. ⁠

And brains 🧠 are built to attempt to avoid pain, to avoid change, aka maintain biological efficiency.⁠

So let’s take a big deep breath 🌬️.⁠

Deep breath in and out.⁠

You get to recognize 👀 that urgency in you and feel into what those thoughts are creating within you.⁠

Look at it, really raise that mirror in front of yourself.⁠

And a big part of doing that work is to get right with your guilt 😬 and your shame 😔.⁠

Those feelings will stop 🛑 you from stepping into acceptance and action 💪.⁠

Those feelings will just keep you spinning 🌀 and ruminating and not moving forward to be of service.⁠

Self-compassion is vital here.⁠

Feel into the difference between being cruel 🤬 to yourself for having the thoughts you have, those old cassette tapes📼 in your head 🧠, and recognize that someone else wrote those scripts 📝.⁠

And you can meet those feelings and thoughts with radical self-compassion and self-love 💓.⁠

Feel into how different that feels.⁠

From that latter place of giving love to your younger self 🧒 who heard 👂 these tapes on repeat, you can start to shift and change in ways you can’t from beating yourself up.⁠

Move through it with love ♥️ so you can be of service.⁠

The time is now.

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