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Breathwork Aftercare:

How to care for yourself after Breathwork Meditation

First and Foremost: Be Gentle With Yourself My Love

  • Hold space to feel… You may feel different than usual. 
  • Compassion and gentleness for yourself are soooo vital right now (and always!) my love.
  • After, you may feel calm, clear, creative, inspired, grounded, more connected to yourself and/ or others, forgiveness, a combination or something else entirely.
  • Breathwork can leave you feeling softer, more sensitive, more open and more vulnerable. These are beautiful things! Welcome them with loving, open arms
  • It is common to have a flood of emotions during and after a session - allow it, feel it, know that your power lies in staying present for your feelings, whatever they may be, without judgment, guilt or shame
  • You may want to spend time alone in a quiet space and journal, or you may feel invigorated and may want to dance, or you may feel inspired to create and may want to draw/ paint…everyone’s experience is different.
  • Move slowly back into the outside world and your everyday life - you’re changed, and that’s magnificent - be mindful of that

Be Mindful About Your Self-care

  • Rest, sleep and gentle activities are your best friend after a session, particularly if you’re new to breathwork. 
    • These days I breathe before work, but if I’m doing a longer session or am bringing a big intention to a session or something I’d like to work through, I don’t plan to do much after I breathe
  • Stay hydrated before and after each session
  • Mind your nutrition and focus on lots of healing, whole real foods like cooked vegetables, broths, soups, smoothies if it’s warm out, well cooked meats if that’s your jam, and do you best to bring your awareness to any buffering you may be drawn to do to keep yourself from feeling.
    • More on buffering habits in this podcast:
    • In short: it’s best to lovingly step away from processed sugars, breads and other gluten foods, fast food, and take it easy on the alcohol and caffeine, especially the day of a session, extra especially if you’re new to this work
    • Self care practices like yoga, stretching, getting or giving yourself a massage, taking an epsom salt bath are all lovely ways to bring the breathwork practice deeper by helping you stay in your body
    • If it’s possible to be in nature, go to there. She’s our best ally. I live in NYC, so for me this could mean a trip to a park or even just sitting quietly with my houseplants. Do what you can with what you’ve got!

Keep An Open Mind And Heart To Your Messengers

  • Dreams are a beautiful way our psyche communicates with us, and as we deepen our breathwork practice, dreams can shift and change - they can stop coming to us, can get more intense, or change in some other way. Keep your mind and heart open, and consider keeping a dream journal next to your bed. I write in mine before I even open my eyes - it’s pretty amazing what your psyche can show you!
  • Journaling: I am a massive fan of journaling - it creates this beautiful cognitive distance between ourselves and our thoughts and is a lovely practice right before and after a breathwork session. I always keep a journal handy when I lie down to breathe
  • I also love to keep crayons or markers near me when I lie down to breathe - drawing out what I experienced has been really supportive for me - consider trying it!
  • Dancing or moving intuitively after a session can also feel beautiful and can help to get you deeper into your body and can help you stay out of your head/thoughts for a little longer after a session

Remember: Your Feelings are Your Greatest Strength!

  • The gift of this work is that it opens us up to what we feel, which allows us to step back to look at the thoughts that are keeping us stuck in feels that don’t feel good, and what thoughts bring us joy and peace.
  • Bringing our awareness to our thoughts and feelings is the first step in learning to manage our minds. Allow our time together to begin to help you lift the veil on your own emotions and the stories behind them - it’s truly life-changing, like breathwork itself.
  • Feeling your feelings is, in and of itself, deeply healing. And scary! I get that. Open your heart to yourself my love – you are soooo powerful when you’re standing strong in your own feelings!

Sharing Your Experience

  • When we’re excited about something new it’s common to want to shout about it from the rooftops. Be thoughtful about who you share your experience with, especially right after or if you’re feeling tender about it. You don’t owe anyone an explanation about your path and what you’re doing in your breathwork. That said, it can be quite lovely to talk with someone you trust all about it. Trust your discernment and allow yourself to feel into it.

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Be kind with you my love!.

You are doing brave and vital work.

And remember:

You are safe, you are held, you are loved.

When one of us heals, we help heal the world.